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Enterprise & Large Business

For large global enterprises, departmental differentiation (such as production, marketing, design, services, engineering and transactional tasks) can lead to a variety of needs that must be taken into consideration when planning hardware purchases. Product specifications, functionality, after-sales service and manageability must all be juggled to try and achieve the lowest total cost of ownership, while providing the most efficient configurations over the working lifetime of the equipment. Security considerations and the needs of individual users are also crucial factors that need to be assessed by MIS departments.

  • Back-office

    Frequently an area involving roles that require relatively modest performance, such as administrative or back-office functions involving word processing or browser-based tasks. Close attention to workplace ergonomics is needed for optimum efficiency.

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  • Marketing

    Covering a wide range of requirements, from mobility to performance, with the need to interface with a wide range of peripherals, the demands of marketing departments can be difficult to fulfil. Striking the right balance between performance and mobility is key.

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  • Art & Designer

    Creative personnel supported by an efficient, secure and powerful infrastructure help enterprises in many industry sectors to maximize their commercial advantage. Fast storage, high-performance workstations, high-speed networking and reliable server and storage solutions form a foundation for smooth workflow.

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  • Salesperson

    For a mobile salesforce, durable, reliable and fast portable computing solutions are essential, especially when they may be working remotely for extended periods. With a comprehensive range of mobile products, ASUS can help empower self-contained mobile workers.

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  • Data Management and Storage

    Whether public or private cloud computing is employed, enterprises must face the problems of managing huge amounts of data. From an IT management perspective, reliable, fast and scalable infrastructure is vital, from networks all the way through to servers and storage.

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  • Finance

    Finance departments can encompass a wide range of computing requirements, from small low-powered PCs such as the EeeBox for data entry, through to high-performance computers that can handle large and complex financial analysis, forecasting and modeling tasks.

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  • Distribution and Warehouse Personnel

    Thin clients are a common feature in distribution and warehousing environments, although mobile devices such as tablets are starting to make inroads into these applications.

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  • Meeting Room

    Conference rooms are important places for brainstorming, project coordination and planning. They often require a wide range of technologies to be available, such as video conferencing, projection, Wi-Fi, digital signage, large-screen displays and more.

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