ASUS recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.

Data Management and Storage

In this era of cloud computing, large enterprises must face the many challenges that come from the need to cope with massive amounts of networked data.

High-quality servers, fast network infrastructure and reliable data storage are not only core requirements for local networking and intranets, but they are also increasingly important to the smooth functioning of a company’s cloud-based resources. Making the correct hardware choices has become a science.

When choosing servers and storage devices for ever-increasing data loads, stability and the capacity for flexible expansion are paramount, but cost considerations cannot be ignored. ASUS can help with cost-effective solutions that deliver appreciable performance improvements with flexible expandability options.

In its determination to provide simple, powerful, yet cost-effective network infrastructure, ASUS has gone one step further by developing Green Network functionality in its equipment, which includes power-saving features such as standby mode detection capability. This enables businesses to enjoy the convenience of the cloud, while minimizing energy use and reducing carbon emissions

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