ASUS recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.


SMB transactional work does not typically involve mobility. Typically, suitable computers for such work need only be able to access the internet and cope with administrative demands such as word processing and simple image processing.

ASUS provides SMBs with a series of desktop computers offering basic IT functionality. Whether a light, space-saving Mini PC, or a high-performance, flexible desktop, our complete line of products has models to fit every need, allowing budget-conscious business owners to save on every purchase.

Where monitors are concerned, ASUS has an equally rich selection to choose from. Large productivity-enhancing models are available at modest prices, giving staff the benefit of expanded screen real estate. By reducing eyestrain and increasing productivity, such screens can also help increase efficiency.

Large-screen notebook computers can even replace desktop models, adding the benefits of occasional mobility while maintaining high levels of performance and flexibility.

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