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The advent of networks and pervasive information technology has transformed education far beyond the limits of the traditional classroom. Many schools are attaching increasing importance to their on-campus information infrastructure, eliminating gaps in network coverage, implementing large-scale cloud computing services, automating library services, introducing high-quality computer classrooms and computer labs with flexible computing capabilities. ASUS provide full range of computing solutions to help cultivate the minds of the new denizens of the Digital Age.

The notice for users with devices with Windows 10 Pro Education pre-installed:
Windows 10 Anniversary Update*

*This device was built for academic use and will automatically be updated to Windows 10 Pro Education with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Features vary; see for Windows 10 Pro Education feature information.


    Microsoft Education helps deliver personalized learning for every student with devices built for the personalized learning for every student built for the classroom and beyond.

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  • Classroom

    With the popularity of computers and the development of touch and cloud technologies, a new generation of teaching methods has embraced the era of interactive digital learning. Development of the electronic schoolbag has further accelerated this innovative trend.

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  • Mobile Learning

    In an age of pervasive internet access and the increasingly popularity of tablet computers, the concept of the electronic schoolbag has gradually taken hold, enhanced by an ever expanding collection of digital teaching aids.

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  • Library

    In keeping with the times, libraries rely on the use of interactive online browsing devices for basic catalog queries and selected book views. Some systems even offer self-service book checkout and return, transforming the latest advances in science and technology into an automated, user-friendly service.

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  • Cafeteria

    To reduce crowded lines during peak hours, cafeterias can benefit from point of sale (POS) systems and self-service vending machines. Using large-screen displays as digital signboards can improve both efficiency and profitability.

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  • Computer Classroom

    The most troublesome problems for computer classroom administrators undoubtedly stem from routine maintenance. When there are dozens to hundreds of computers to maintain, the job is made unnecessarily difficult without adequate management resources or the benefits of tool-free, modular product design.

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  • Lab & Design Center

    Diversified computer labs and a wide array of visual and industrial design departments require higher performance and more stable computing solutions to cope with the vast computational demands of sophisticated analysis, combined with the 2D and 3D design technologies.

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  • Data Center

    On a scale of tens of thousands of college and university students, important campus events such as enrollment at the start of each term can lead to severe spikes in network traffic, which hinders the use of much-needed online services. Therefore, an important question for the campus network’s administrators to consider is how to upgrade their system to include large-scale access to the cloud.

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  • Staff Office

    School administrators are confronted with a need to innovate and also improve the responsiveness of the many services provided by the institutions they work for. Selecting the right computer equipment does not stop at high-performance desktop models. For example, as more functions are assigned to the cloud, it makes perfect sense from a service perspective to install interactive touchscreens at the front desk or in public areas.

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