Wireless-N300 Router

    N Series Wi-Fi Router
    • Auto detect your internet connection type and manual free setup
    • Download Master: 24 hours downloading even PC is shut down
    • USB port for FTP/All-in-One Printer sharing
    • Universal repeater mode : extend your wireless signal coverage only by 3 steps
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    EZ All-in-One Printer sharing

    The new ASUS wireless router distinguishes itself with the "auto switching" function. It not only enables multiple users to use multifuntion printer wirelessly without a PC or server turned on 24 hours a day, but also rules out the trouble of repeating "disconnecting" and "re-connecting" when users switch. When different users are to use the printer, the router switches automatically, which enables different users to use the printer simultaneously. After plugging in the USB printer into ASUS wireless router and running the ASUS Network Printer Setup program, each user can enjoy easy scanning and easy printing.

    *For complete printer support list, please click here.

    EZ Switch - Switch your Operation Mode only ONE-TOUCH

    The ASUS’ newly designed EZ Switch provides three operation mode, user can change it more easily, only ONE-TOUCH.

    3 minutes complete FTP setting via ASUS AiDisk

    AiDisk combines simple FTP settings with the ASUS DDNS service to share files with friends easily no matter when and where the user is. By simply utilizing the RT-N13U with a USB hard disk, users will be able to create a mini FTP server at home and only requires them to setup an account and password and select the file they want to share. With the bundled AiDisk quick installation guide included in the box, users can rest easy and not worry about complicated settings. Users will be able to easily create their own FTP servers with easily recognized and meaningful hostname like: ftp://yourname.asuscomm.com , instead of a hard to remember IP addresses or URLs.

    Enhanced Download Master

    24/7 Non-Stop BT Download:

    HTTP, FTP, BT (BitTorrent) download protocols can be download automatically from the internet. You can keep downloading even when PC is off.

    • Right-Click to Download. Point to the access you want to download and Right-Click your mouse. The program will start downloading. • Double Click BT(BitTorrent) seed, “Download Master” program will run automatically.
    * Need to install Download Master utility in PC side to monitor download status.

    New BT Engine
    New BT Download Engine, Enhanced Download Speed.

    * The actual download performance varies to the health of the torrents and the network environment.
    ** Available for 6 torrents downloading at the same time.

    QIS(Quick Internet Setup)

    After buying router and preparing for setup, just connect to the router and QIS will automatically guide users to their browser's default home pages. Manual Free!

    Step1: Step2: Stpe3:
    Open your Internet browser (Ex. IE) and QIS will detect connection type automatically. Follow the instructions and enter necessary information Now you can navigate in the Internet as free as can be!

    Network Map

    Straight-forward design to help users to

    • Display the whole network status and clearly provide WAN/LAN status
    • Securely connect to your wireless network and prevent intruders from using it
    • Manage your network in minutes
    • Try our EZ UI software

    Dr. Surf

    Dr. Surf, your personal wireless doctor, can automatically offer real-time diagnostics. Auto-detect Connection Problems

    • If there is any problem for internet connection, Dr. Surf can auto-detect and provide possible solutions.
    • Ex. Your cable is not connect with the router.

    EZQoS - Quality of Service

    With ASUS unique EZQoS engine, users can easily allocate bandwidth according to their individual needs by simply clicking on the buttons, such as voice or gaming, and assign more or less bandwidth to streamline multiple network activities (FTP, Games, P2P) to work smoothly at the same time