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    The Powerful Performance Gaming Station

    ASUS ROG CG 6145 delivers unleashed power and extending quality for gaming enthusiasts.
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    Catering to enthusiast gamers who crave for best gaming systems with best performance and stability, CG 6145 is built with leading technologies, features and design to deliver gamers most exciting and surreal gaming experience.

    Silver Armor, Ready to Combat

    To match the system's high performing specifications, the silver medieval armor inspired design of CG6145 is a knight born to combat, while the blue swing LED lights represent the nobility of the chivalry. Together, the design of CG6145 gives you the power to call for glory from inside out and presents an aesthetic appeal that exudes pure power!

    Leading Specification for Leading Performance

    CG 6145 is built with most advanced technology including Intel Quad-Core processors, ATI Crossfire, dual channel DDR2 memory up to 8GB, high definition Blu-ray player, and multi-channel surrounded audio, to deliver most exciting and most surreal gaming experience than ever.

    Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

    CG 6145 delivers an exclusive built-in biometric Game Gate fingerprint scanner for system security. Gamers can configure and enroll the fingerprint easily and protects the system from unauthorized boot up or from any changes on setting and configuration.

    CPU Level Up

    CG 6145 come with an overclocking tool , CPU Level up, a factory pre-configured overclocking setting which allows user to easily upgrade CPU performance without prior overclocking knowledge. They simply have to pick the higher CPU speed they want, and the motherboard will do the rest. Overclocking enthusiasts can also make use of the CPU Level Up result to adjust settings for even higher frequencies.

    Abundant Spaces for Future Upgrade

    For better expandability, the CG Series provides the capacity of up to 4TB of hard drive spaces, which can store more than 1 million songs or pictures. Moreover, the CG Series reserves total 8 slots on the chassis for additional one or two graphic cards, sound card, physics card and etc.