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    The Ultimate Gaming Power Station

    ASUS Gaming System CG6155 delivers both extreme performance and style for the world’s most demanding gamers
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      Catering to gamers who require only the best equipment, ASUS Gaming System CG6155 comprises an array of top-notch features to provide gamers with the performance and stability for their every gaming need.

      Designed to Dominate the Battlefield

      The unique exterior design is inspired by ancient and modern armor with both Eastern and Western influences, and presents an aesthetic appeal that exudes pure power! CG6155 not only looks bullet proof; but also incorporates an arsenal of features which make it one of the most stable and secure gaming PC systems ever.

      Fastest Processing Speed Than Ever

      Imagine the speed when four processing engines run at full or even overclocked speeds at the same time. With the latest 45nm Intel® Core™2 Extreme CPU, CG6155 can easily handle multitasks and heavy data processing. ASUS factory overclocking raises processor's performance up to 33% and further pushes system's performance to the limit, but at the same time, CG6155 underwent strict quality test procedures to guarantee excellent system stability.*The overclocking performance changes are subject to different setups and conditions

      Dual Power - Guaranteed Power Supply for OC Enjoyment

      ASUS' unique dual power supply module supports up to a maximum of 2 kilowatts power output, which is two times larger than the competitor-average 1 kilowatts power supply, to provide sufficient energy for all the powerful components and ensure excellent system stability under extreme overclocking operations. The module's fail-over function prevents sudden shut down by maintaining sustainable power output even when one power supply fails.

      Optimized Thermal - Liquid-Cooling Module

      Cool operation environment is crucial for extreme performance system. In order to provide the most effective heat dissipation, CG6155 adopts advanced liquid-cooling module, which not only allows better overclocking performance but also reduce the noise to the minimum level.

      Exclusive Hot Game Bundle – Alone in the Dark

      The original ?Alone in the Dark? video game was the first game to launch survival gaming as a genre; and this latest version once again sets the standard with a heart-stopping survival experience realized through state-of-the-art real-time physics and unprecedented environmental interaction. Incorporating Twilight technology and a full fledged rendering engine, the game creates a lavishly detailed world filled with highly realistic and advanced cinematographic effects.