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    Nova Lite PX20

    Nova Lite PX20

    NOVA Lite Mini PC

    The Small and Simply Self-sufficient 2L PC
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      Small and Easy to Use

      At just 2L in volume, compared to a regular computer of 20 to 30L, this compact PC can fit just about anywhere in your home. Even though it is small, the NOVA Lite Mini PC can satisfy your computing needs with a user-friendliness fit for kids and grandparents alike. This little PC is sufficiently secure in all its functions as well as its size.

        A Matter of Good Taste
      Good styling is more universal than we believe as people with exquisite taste can easily tell the difference between ?sleek' design and a ?shame' to look at. At ASUS, we believe in building strong insides as well as sharp-looking outsides. And the NOVA Lite is no exception…in fact, it's a leading example! Add to your home's individual decor with a mini PC that will make you look simply stylish.

       Space, Space and More Space
      That's exactly what you might find if your work station is lacking in space. Whether it's the office or at home, the NOVA Lite takes only a small area. Stand it up like a book on a shelf or leave it in a small corner of your desk – with built-in speakers, you don't have to worry about making additional space for external digital speakers. Sound will not be compromised since these speakers are built into the front of the NOVA Lite.

       Powered-Up Performance with Powered-down Consumption
      The NOVA Lite's internal design doesn't merely take into account performance but also external friendliness. It operates at only 18W on CPU and 5W on idle. So while you enjoy efficient multitasking and multimedia functions, you can also make an effort to save the environment with ASUS' power-saving technology. Smaller utility bills and a ?greener' way of life – what more can you ask for?

       All Quiet on the Computing Front
      Working well comes with an ultra quiet, calming atmosphere. The NOVA lite is made with an exclusive and intelligent sub-sonic heat diffusing technology to provide an amazingly low operating sound level – just 25db. Adopting solid capacitors and a unique thermal solution that integrates a unique heat dissipation module, and one AI fans,the NOVA Lite's computing sound can probably only be picked up by your dog – even then, we're not sure!