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    Nova P22

    Nova P22

    The Smallest 2L Core 2 Duo Desktop PC

    Nova P22 fits into any environment with ease and suitable for those who are space conscious, desire better mobility and flexibility when working or sharing digital content indoors.
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    2L PC adds exquisite touch to your lifestyle

    Whether it´s working desks, a tiny night stand or a spacious living room, the NOVA P22 fits in with ease. The lively color and touch sensor button design, simple reflect your individualistic taste and add style to your surroundings.

     Built-in HiFi speakers for quality audio experience.
    Through the pair of built-in Hi-Fi speakers locatetd at the front side of NOVA P22, you can always enjoy high quality music without extra speakers. It also supports analog and digital speakers with Dolby® Digital Live or DTS connect technology. 

     Exclusive Intelligent Sub-sonic Heat Diffusion Technology
    Adopting solid capacitors and a unique thermal solution that integrates a unique L-shape heat dissipation module, S-shape heat pipes and three AI fans,the NOVA P22 provides users an ultra quiet 25db operating levels that´s below human hearing.

     Robust Desktop Core 2 Duo Multitasking and Multimedia Processing
    Taking only 2L of your space, the NOVA P22 incorporates a robust Intel Core 2 Duo Desktop processor for efficient multitasking and multimedia enjoyment.

     High Speed 802.11n & Bluetooth 2.0
    Supporting 802.11n wireless standard, which transmission rate of 300Mbps is 6 times higher and coverage range 8 times broader than 802.11g standard, the NOVA P22 can easily download a 30 minute HD video within a minute without lags. The embedded Bluetooth device further facilitates effortless multimedia and data streaming between the NOVA P22and your notebooks and handhelds.

     Free yourself for total multimedia enjoyment
    The Nova P22 also comes with Windows® MCE remote control- simply choose your favorite movies or songs and you´re ready to enjoy hours of entertainment without the need to sit in front of your PC.