ASUS AiCloud keeps you connected to your data wherever and whenever you have an internet connection. It links your home network and online web storage services, giving you access to your files using the AiCloud mobile app on your iOS, Android smartphones or via a personalized browser URL. You can share photos instantly with services like Facebook, Flickr and Dropbox directly from the AiCloud app. It's your expandable and unlimited personal cloud — and it's completely free!

Manage your files

anywhere, anytime!

You can use AiCloud on any web browser, iOS or Android mobile device to access a Cloud Disk USB storage device that's connected to your ASUS router, and then view, edit, upload or download files — wherever you are!

Smart Access

the smart way to view your files on the go.

The AiCloud app lets you view files stored in shared PC or Mac folders using just your mobile device. View photos, videos and documents without copying them to your mobile device, saving device storage space!


How to share folders on your Windows PC via AiCloud:

  1. Navigate to the folder you want to share. Right click on the folder, then from the context menu that appears select Properties > Sharing > Advanced Sharing
  2. Tick the Share this folder box and give the share a memorable name.
  3. Click Permissions, then choose the appropriate level of access for this share.
  4. Now you can access this share via AiCloud using your Windows login account and password.

How to share your folders on Mac via AiCloud:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Sharing.
  2. Tick File Sharing in the list in the left field.
  3. Click the Options button, then select Share files and folders using SMB and choose the login account you want to authorize.
  4. Under the Share Folders field, click +, then navigate to the folder you want to share.
  5. Now you can access this folder using AiCloud with your chosen login account and password.

Smart organization for your media

It's easy to find the media you want with AiCloud's smart filters. These save you lots of time when looking for files in your AiCloud library — for example, click ‘Ai Music' to see only your music tracks. It's as easy as that!

Convenient media streaming

AiCloud supports streaming of most of all media formats, so you can stream from your AiCloud media library straight to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV without taking up any storage space. It's so convenient!

Easy sharing and PC-free uploads

You can share single files in AiCloud by creating a share link for email or messaging, or by sending photos direct to Facebook or Flickr. You can also upload as many files as you like to AiCloud from your mobile device, even if your PC is turned off!

All your files, in perfect sync

Smart Sync lets you synchronize all your files in real time, wherever they are stored — on ASUS WebStorage, your home network, and even on other AiCloud-enabled networks — so you can always access the most up-to-date files wherever you are. This makes backing up your cloud data much easier and safer.

Sync with your friends' AiClouds!

Router-to-Router Sync allows you to synchronize your stuff with AiCloud storage devices connected to other compatible ASUS routers — it's as simple as choosing a sync folder. Sharing with friends and family is now easier than ever, and it's also a hassle-free way to back up your valuable files.

Show me how

How to sync with another AiCloud?

Before you start, please make sure both ASUS routers have been upgraded to the latest firmware.

  1. To send an invitation, login to ASUSWRT, then choose the AiCloud 2.0 > Sync Server tab. Complete the Invitation Generator form*. Click Generate to create the invitation.
  2. Copy the invitation content and send it to the person who you want to sync your AiCloud with.
  3. The recipient should open the invitation letter and click the link.
  4. The recipient should designate their local sync folder, entering the code if needed. Now you're both ready to sync your stuff!


  1. There are three different sync rules: Two-way sync, Server to Client and Client to Server. With Two-way sync, you and the recipient can share files with each other. With Host to client, you can share files with the recipient but they cannot share files with you; in Client to host, the opposite applies.
  2. If your router has a private IP address, you will need to configure port forwarding first and enter the gateway DDNS address in the Host Name field.

Download Master

24/7 PC-free file downloads

With Download Master and USB-attached storage, there's no need to keep your PC turned on waiting for files to download. Simply schedule downloads, shut your PC down, and let Download Master do the work for you. You'll reduce your energy bill and increase your PC's lifespan, and you can also manage and monitor the status of downloads remotely.

Show me how

How to use Download Master

  1. Download ASUS Download Master from Google Play.
  2. Click button and add links to the files you want to download – such as torrent, nzb files or URLs.
  3. The downloads will start automatically. You can use AiCloud to access to the downloaded files.

Easy setup

Download AiCloud from Google Play or App Store, and the installation wizard will guide you through the setup process. It will detect your home router automatically, along with any connected USB storage and shared PCs or Macs on your local network.

Connect a USB storage device to the router.

Connect your mobile device to the router's wireless network.

Launch the AiCloud app and follow the setup instructions.

*AiCloud feature availability varies according to router model.