Not Just Powerful, but Ultra Safe

Exclusive PowerSafe Technology monitors temperature, smooths both input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits to provide you with maximum safety while charging.

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JEITA Protection

ASUS ZenPower has intelligent technology that monitors ambient temperatures and adjusts the charging current accordingly; delivering safety levels that are higher even than the highest industry standard. Being protected against temperature extremes provides the ideal operating environment for ASUS ZenPower.

ASUS PowerSafe Technology

Temperature Protection
Short circuit Protection
Rest Protection
Input Over Voltage Protection
Output Over Voltage Protection
Input Reverse Direction Protection
Over Charge/ Over Discharge Protection
Output Over Current Protection
Cell PTC Protection
Adapter Protection
JEITA Protection (Temperature Proection)

International Safety Certification

Industry leading 9 international safety certifications as well as meeting IEC 60950-1 standard, giving you the highest standard protections.