[ProArt Display]Suggested options for i1 Profiler calibration Backlight Type

X-Rite is in the leading position in this field and provides self-calibration tools, such as i1Profiler. Within Display Settings, there are several items to be selected before running the calibration process. One of them is the Display Type. When doing the calibration on an LCD display, the i1Profiler provides the option to optimize your measurement for different types of LCD backlight technologies.

i1 Profiler supports 4 backlight types : CCFL, Wide-Gamut CCFL, White LED, RGB LED. Ideally, the software will automatially detect backlight information for most displays and select the best option.

For the displays where the backlight type cannot be automatically detected, the i1 Profiler will return to the default type, CCFL. To ensure the most accurate profile results, be sure to set this option correctly for each display.

For ASUS PA32UCX / PA27UCX , it adopts QD backlit technology. Please select the display type as RGB LED to get the accurate performance when using i1 Profiler.