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ozoz TUR Level 2 | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE550KL
Firmware/APP Version: Latest Firmware
Frequency of Occurrence: 1000
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Hi there,

You win asus. Yes. You win.

You will not release nougat update for zf2 series and as for now there are no plans for Android N implementations.
We get that...

So, lets make a deal, you guys release oreo update for zf2 ze550kl and we will stop bashing you guys.
Lineage OS brings android oreo for ze550kl, so you cant say: "for the best hw and sw experience bla bla bla"

All zenfone 2 customers.

IND Level 4 | All posts
Ya u definitely right don't say hw and sw best fu-f company
IND Level 2 | All posts
Fuck, now still i am useing 5.1 lollipop...
ozoz TUR Level 2 | All posts
MAX_ASUS opened a topic entitled: "Contact us. Asus is ready..!"

Yeah. Ready to what? Customer care? Laughed my ass off to that.
Asus customer care is a big joke.

They say: "We will do our best to serve you." "We would keep best to service you."
No. Nope. Don't lie, please. Don't give promises you can't keep.

I'm going to contact with asus e-waste, because zf2 series become garbage thanks to their incredible customer "support".
THA Level 2 | All posts
I don't agree with you,

When you buy your ZenFone2 Laser is there anyone point a gun in your head?
I believed no one do that, so it's have to be your fault to buy this piece of shit
only a bloody moron buy this chinese made cheap shit, like me I'm one of them,
but after I find that out I turn smarter, and got myself a google pixel xl life is good after that.

ozoz TUR Level 2 | All posts
Last edited by ozoz on 2017/10/16 09:54
vkosum posted on 2017/10/16 04:40
I don't agree with you,

When you buy your ZenFone2 Laser is there anyone point a gun in your head?

Nobody pointed a gun in my head, right.
This crap is my first and last asus phone. Lesson learned.
And you know what, after abandoned by asus, i'm done with them. I will never buy or recommend another asus product ever again.
I didn't know their support is crap at the beginning. I was like: "oh, so "asus" released smartphone, i might consider buying it..."

When you buy a smartphone, you expect two major android updates. Like every other company does. Right?
Other companies doesn't produce copy/paste excuses, they produce solutions.

What pisses me off is that asus is hiding behind its name and abusing people's trust.
If they dont care about their reputation, then spread the word on social media, warn people about "incredible" asus support.

Just take a look at Zenfone Max (2016) customers.
Whats the point having 3g ram and Snapdragon 615 phone if it doesnt get software updates?
People paid actual money on that crap. Its a 2016 model phone. Its ridiculous that asus is abandoned it and they doesnt even have decency to confess their action.

I was using LG before asus and i did a huge mistake switch it for asus.
And funny thing is my old phone got nougat update after i switched it for better spec'd asus. Neat.

TWN Level 4 | All posts
All zenfone 2 series like laser ze550kl ,Max, and even Good selfie zd551kl users will leave ASUS brand for forever if they even can not gat any Noughat or Oreo updates.At least remove all the bloatwares and release a clean update firmware for all zenfone 2 series.Don't break users trust on ASUS.
IND Dr.Zen | All posts
You can only get the OREO using Cm 15.
Asus Haven't oor never gonna release it.
IND Level 1 | All posts
When will asus understand that without proper updates phone becomes waste....these idiots don't know a thing about customer service....I am using laser 2 ,and still on marshmallow......if they don't consider giving the oreo update then this will be my last asus phone and would never recommend to any1 else.
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