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[Replied] [Android Operation/Settings] Oreo Update for Zenwatch 3?

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sachinmba1 posted on 2017/12/30 08:20
@ Peter_A5IW, ASUS Zenwatch is already on wear 2.7 version. As per the details shared on official go ...

BTW, I just changed my nickname to Grayfield. I just checked my watch and it now says When I wrote that post, it said: It must have upgraded itself without me noticing. I did notice it getting more reliable, recently.

After upgrading from 1.5 to, a lot of features were not working properly. In the end, I did a full factory reset and after that things started to work. I expect the upgrade to 2.7 happened then without me noticing.

Then let us hope we get Oreo as well.
DEU Level 1 | All posts
When I look at the list of improvements given in the article, 'Notification Pattern' is already available on the watch, although I have not found 'Touch Lock Notification' yet.
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<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Hey! Everyone here! The asus zenwatch 3 are getting updates from the project pebble that you get updates from the play store...sorry my english guys! But assus really must to actualice one more time for fix the blueborne! </font></font>
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Well I personally just want some f***ing security updates...the last one is still from June. Since this watch pretty much doesn't work without Bluetooth, I would really like to get at least the Blueborne fix...this isn't fixed by the Play Store updates AFAIK.

What is this for a forum anyway? No officials around? Is it that difficult to get some news (and updates)?
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bill2_chang_ASUS posted on 2017/12/7 21:47
Hello kelthizar
I'm sorry but we don't have any information regarding the update
Thank you

If you have no information about the Oreo update why not find out by simply asking
someone who does know?  I am certain that there are many people at ASUS who
would know the answer to the question. For instance why not ask some of the
ASUS Zenwatch developers, technicians and engineers they would know for sure?

You are funny...
If you don't know ask someone who does know.  LOL

RUS Level 2 | All posts
mrjunky posted on 2018/2/14 06:46
If you have no information about the Oreo update why not find out by simply asking
someone who does ...

Нe's funny and you're naive . All these answers from support are nothing more than a polite refusal. If they say they do not know something, it means that what you are asking for simply will never happen.
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And still silent untill now after android wear rebranding to wear os and version has change to 2.10 and os will be oreo?...
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