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Hey ZenFans! It's time for another Ultimate ZenFan Challenge! Tell us your Zen story and you can win an invite plus a special surprise on the BackTo5PH: The ZenFone 5 Launch happening on Aprl 14, 2018.

Winner announcement
  • April 9, 2017

1. Share with us your ZenStory on ZenTalk! Your ZenStory must include the following:
  • Which ZenFone model did you first buy?
  • Which ZenFone model are you using now?
  • Why you love the ASUS ZenFone series?
  • Your best experience when using your ASUS ZenFone
  • What are you most excited about the ZenFone 5Q?

2. Post your ZenStory as a reply on this thread.
3. Contest will run from March 26, 2018 till April 6, 2018, 6 PM only.
3. This contest is exclusive to ASUS ZenTalk members, so join now!

  • This contest is open only to those ZenFans who are in Greater Manila Area.
  • If in any case a winner is unable to confirm if he/she is able to claim, his/her prize will be given to the next in line.

Good luck!

Terms and conditions
  • Detailed information with respect to how to play and win prizes in connection with “The Ultimate ZenFan Challenge 2018! - Greater Manila Area” (“Promotion”), ASUS Terms of Use Notice, ASUS Privacy Policy and ZenTalk Forum Terms & Conditions on ASUS official website constitutes part of this Promotion Event Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions"). Participation in this Promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. ASUS may at any time revise the Terms and Conditions and other rules set forth by ASUS. Participants shall be bound by any such revisions.
  • Only one submission per participant.
  • Entries must be original. If not, ASUS has the right to cancel your qualification for this Promotion.
  • You must submit your entry on ZenTalk. If not, ASUS has the right to cancel your qualification for this Promotion.
  • The prize results will be announced on ZenTalk, and we will inform all winners via Private Message.
  • A prize in this Promotion, in whole or in part, is not allowed to transfer or exchange and cannot be liquidated to cash unless specified otherwise.
  • ASUS reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, make changes, or suspend this Promotion, as well as the rights of final definition. All changes will be announced on ZenTalk.
  • ASUS Employees and agency hired employees working for ASUS are not allowed to participate in this contest.
  • Please refer to [ZenTalk] Terms & Conditions to get more details.

PHL Level 5 | All posts
the first zenfone that I bought is zenfone 2 laser that amaze me in capturing amazing photos..Then switch to zenfone 3 laser as the level up generation and additional specs..then change to zenfone 4 max to test if I will satisfied with battery experience.But because of I love camera and battery in the same way...What I am currently using is zenfone 3 zoom that exceeds my expectation!battery that dont miss any adventure that I enjoyed and camera that zooms me in reality!What I love about zenfone series are not pricey but durable and classy..its a pocket camera that will capture moments in just one click and will be your extra battery to bring other devices into life!My best experience using my zenfone unit..first,it gives me an idea what I like to do in life...and that is to be an aspiring photographer..second,it was a key to join zentalk..that never fail to invite me in more events Bring ideas from members and never fails to help each other..meaning my zenfone provide me an instant family.Lastly zenfone give me an experience to enjoy every moment because "You only live once"As a zenfan..lets Go back..#Backto5what I am excited most in zenfone 5 are those new additional capacity..most specially is the AI help to the device..also excited with the new realistic features of its camera and how it will handle its battery at this time.
PHL Level 5 | All posts
sorry if there are lapses in my grammar 😂
USA Level 2 | All posts

My First Zenfone na binili ko ay zenfone2 laser 5.5 since December 2015 its almost 3yrs. na cya saken hanggang ngaun gamit ko pa rin cya. hinde pa cya nag ka problema because maingat me sa gamit ang nagustohan ko zenfone na to un camera nya front and back sa pag picture, gaming and using internet.

Best Experince ko sa zenfone ko is 4g dual sim, HD display, Gorilla glass and pixel master na cya

Excited About ZenFone 5Q is sana my plam camera @ mataas na ang front and back cam nya megapixel. Capacity of Battery and ram and design also   
USA Level 1 | All posts
I started using Asus Zenfone in 2016 with my first Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5S. Back then its 3GB memory, 32gb storage with laser focus camera was the bang for the buck phone in the market. I then upgraded to Zenfone 3 Zoom which until now I am still using. I bought my wife Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro and my eldest kid Zenfone 3 Max. My old Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5S was handed down to my middle kid.  I am proud to say that all of us in our family is using Asus  Zenfone and we love them for their quality, value and performance. We video chat and capture every moment with our Zenfones.  I will be buying Zenfone 5 because of its AI technology across all the aspects of the phone.  And then my current Zenfone 3 Zoom will be handed down to my middle kid and the old Zenfone 2 Laser 5.5S will be handed down to my youngest kid. She is just about to turn 3 years old and loves to watch movies or videos at YouTube. Thanks Asus!
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Wala bang pang outside manila area hehehe... Excited for that zenfone 5 release, sayang sana hinintay ko na pala yan kakaMaxPlus ko lng nung January
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by vedelrosario1 on 2018/3/28 11:11

First love never dies.
This is the story of my phone who has been with me through thick and thin. Its the Zenfone 3 Laser, still works like a charm to this day. First phone na nabili ko with my own blood, toil, sweat and tears! I've been eyeing the Zenfone series ever since at sa mga launches nito sa World Trade and Green Sun, nandun ako lahat sa events. Who couldn't resist the way it was marketed and boy how it delivers!
*And the iconic "Thank you" of Jerry Shen.
What I like about my phone is its form factor without sacrificing its awesome performance. This phone has been my go to device sa mga events from the hordes of AsiaPop comicon to the dolphins of Sibuyan Islands, so you can imagine na matagal na ang pinagsamahan namin. Mapa-selfie man or playing PUBG, my Zenfone got me covered!
And here we are years later, another Zenfone. Its the Zenfone 5Q.
I'm really digging the look mga lodi. I can't wait to try the Zenfone 5Q's ultra-wide shot quad cameras! It's so out of this world parang gamit lang ni Voltes V! This time, with the handy four-camera system everyone can treasure life's memories without limits! Isn't that the best thing ever?

PHL Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by ariesmanuel on 2018/3/28 12:43

Got my first ZenFone Go 5.5 three years ago, which I'm still using today.

I like the ZenFone Go Series because it's the best-value smartphone in its category.

Best experience - dual sim.

Looking forward to ZenFone 5Q's wide angle lens.
PHL Level 2 | All posts

May ZenStory is ung Hindi kompleto araw ko pag hnd ko nakikita ung ZenFone ko time pumasok ako sa work at naiwan ko ung ZenFone ko .parang hnd buo araw ko hahaha pag wala c ZenFone .sya kc lagi ko kasama pag gumagala ako mahilig kc ko kumuha ng mga picture.
Sarap kumuha ng mga picture lalo nat pag malinaw UNG CAMERA ni ZENFONE 😄

Which ZenFone model did you first buy?
My First ZenFone is ZENFONE 5 5.0 
2015 un sa SM VALENZUELA hahaha.
Suggested ni KUYA ko ...

Which ZenFone model are you using now?
Im using ZenFone 3 Max 5.5.

Why you love the ASUS ZenFone series?
Affordable and Good QUALITY 
especially sa CAMERA netong ZenFone 3 max 5.5

Your best experience when using your ASUS ?
My Best Experience is namamangha ung mga kaibigan ko sa mga Kuha ko using my ZenFone 3 max .sobrang ganda daw ng Kuha at na encourage
Ko cla bumili ng Asus ZenFone 
At ZenFone User na rin cla.

ZenFoneWhat are you most excited about the ZenFone 5Q?
I'm excited to New ZENFONE 5Q
Sana manalo ako. 😄
PHL Level 2 | All posts
Honestly the first Zenfone model that i have was the Asus zenfone go because of its camera and fast surfing since then when i use the zenfone go ive been a fan of asus model. Currently right now im using the zenfone 4 max because of the dual camera that can be use on vacation for capturing photo and its battery that can last long for few days. What i love on zenfone series, because of its camera and fast surfing and everytime asus release another zenfone series they make it more better with regards to the specification and my best experience when it comes to my zenfone was the fast surfing with the dual camera on the back that can use on capturing photo and the battery that can last few days even though it has 4% but still you can watch a half of korean drama or Tv Series and what ive been excited in the zenfone 5Q because of its specs with the camera, and geo tagging, video calling and video sharing and when it comes to multimedia with the wireless screen share everything with the specs are so much great and ive been using zenfone model since my 2nd yr college my first zenfone model was zenfone go and the 2nd was the zenfone max the 3rd was zenfone 3 max 5.2 and lastly zenfone 4 max asus always makes me suprise when it comes to their specs and being a great phone #BackTo5PH
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