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[Replied] Security breach

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ASUS Max Bug Report
ZF Model: ZE554KL
Firmware/APP Version: Donno
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Lockscreen
Screenshot: -
Quick settings opens without unlocking device
Those are given by Google as handy features. If you still think it is a security breach, contact Google.
I bought my phone from Asus not Google. So instead resolving my issue you are telling me me to do your work. Don't try to be smart when you're not an official.
And if any moderator is there, how much time do you need to reply. I won't buy any product from now on, no support and no official dates are given by the company. Follow Xiaomi they are much better than you in everything, even when their os is having ads.
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kushalshrivastava1995 posted on 2019/1/27 14:58
I bought my phone from Asus not Google. So instead resolving my issue you are telling me me to do yo ...

If there is a security breach in Google Android OS, you need to contact Google. Yes, I'm smart than you. Asus can't do anything about that issue. If that is a security breach as per you, it applies to all devices which are running Android Oreo and above.
FYI, this is near stock Android phone and it'll be same. There is no security breach. Go and check any Nokia or pixel phone, you'll see the same.
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rp_pro posted on 2019/2/5 21:37
are you working with ASUS?

Because you support forum more than any moderator.

Nope. I'm working with UHG as a software test engineer.
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Hi Kushalshrivastava,

Information mentioned by manojreddy is correct.

This is google functionality and happens with all the devices.

You may check on your own.

Than you for your post.
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