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[Share] Zentalk's Pixelmaster Master Class resumed this January 2019!

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ZenTalk Philippines' Pixelmaster Master Classes resumed last January 9 in Pasay City

January 31, 2019 - The ASUS ZenFone Pixelmaster Master Class resumed last January 9 and 16 as Jasper Tejano, street photography ZenFone Pixelmaster, introduced to select ZenFone users street photography. The 2-day class was filled with discussions and engagements as these Zenfans were also challenged to a photography contest with awards - ASUS Choice, ZenFans Choice, Pixelmaster's Choice and overall top photographers of the batch - at stake.

Exploring Pasay City


Pixelmaster Jasper Tejano on his street photography

Held at Microtel, Pasay, the first day helped prepare the ZenFans on street photography with Tejano giving out essential elements and tips and tricks. Not only that, the participants were given feedback by the Pixelmaster as they submitted photos taken with their ZenFones prior to the photowalk activity.


A ZenFan uses his ZenFone 5Q during the photowalk activity in bay area

ZenFans explore the vicinity of Mall of Asia and took photographs. Checkout some of the best shots taken with their ZenFone.


Photo from Pixelmaster's Choice Day 1, Rochelle


Photo from ASUS Choice Day 1,Ranzen

Outside moa.jpeg

Photo from ZenFans' Choice Day 1, Jose

Wandering Tagaytay City


On to the final session at Nanay Cirilas', Tagaytay, the day started with a critique session of Day 1 photos. ZenFans were given points on what to improve and works best in their submitted photos by the master of street photography himself, Jasper Tejano.

By early afternoon, the photowalk acitivity commenced in People's Park in the Sky as first stop. The foggy weather and the crowd didn't stop the participants to take the challenge of taking their best street photography. They are also joined by Jasper Tejano as they wander the area.


Jasper Tejano shoots travelers in People's Park Tagaytay


Weather didn't stop the participants to shoot in People's Park

Second stop is the Tagaytay City Market, a public area for the locals and tourists. The people, goods and transportation became the subject for the students as they need to submit an entry for the photowalk activity.


Being a mentor to his mentee, Jasper Tejano interacts with the ZenFan


Jasper Tejano made sure that even on streets the participants know how to edit their photos

Going back to Nanay Cirilas', submitted street photo entries underwent critique from Jasper. At the end of the session, awards were given respectively to the top photographers of the batch chosen by Tejano.


Mark Gordoncillo, a second time attendee of the Pixelmaster Master Class,

won as top photographer of the batch


Mark's winning entry for the final session of Pixelmaster Master Class making him the Pixelmaster's Choice,

ZenFans; Choice and overall top photographer of the batch

The Pixelmaster Master Class by Jasper Tejano ended with a message from Jasper "to continue shooting" as he referred the participants as street photographers and hoping to see them in the streets very soon.


The next Pixelmaster Master Class will happen in Cebu with Nicco Valenzuela as he tackles capturing the outdoors this February 2-3, 2019.

Thank you, Zentalk and Asus ph 👍
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