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[Replied] List of problems in Asus max pro m2

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Arulkumar IND Level 6 | All posts
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I am fan of asus.i used ASUS 2 laser ze550kl I faced more trouble and finally got stable update after I bought ASUS max pro m2 ..same facing the issues more bugs I noticed..mentioned below

1. mobile signal is very poor while comparing to Moto g4plus ..Moto receives more signal network better .but my asus maxrpo m2 is very poor.

2. When speaker is connected to ASUS max pro m2 using Bluetooth the sound quality on Bluetooth speaker is low and verybad output sound...when I connect my ASUS 2 laser to same speaker it's very nice..this is notable issue in maxpro m2.

3. Call quality in speaker is not clear it's like FM radio speaker .

4. When wallpaper is applied white colour is spreading ok under screen.but dark wallpaper does not show the white colour fade on under screen.

5. Camera quality becomes poor after this latest ota update.i m stil in Oreo. With Feb security patch.

6. Network problem is very poor while comparing to other company devices.

These are the bugs I faced of using the max pro m2 . I kindly request the Asus team to clear this bugs as soon as possible.i dnt need useless answers like wipe cache etc etc..I am using Asus for past 3 pls again dnt disappoint me again by poor software developers .I hope u clear bugs soon.
IND Moderator | All posts
Hi Arulkumar,

1&6. This could be due to the network in the area too. Sometimes, network gets congested and fluctuates.

Do you face this same issue if you change the sim card? Try changing the location and monitor the issue.

2. Which speakers do you use? Have you tried checking this issue by connecting to another speaker? We will try to duplicate this.

3. We are unable to face this issue.

4. Can you send us the screenshots or pictures for better understanding?

5. Please send us sample images for investigation. Clear cache and data for camera once.

If we need additional information, we would surely notify you.

Thank you for your post.
IND Level 2 | All posts
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Third class mobile company or software updates...i m also facing network problem, pubg full lag.... 
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