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Hi everyone! I took a picture with my zenfone selfie Z00UD then suddenly it rebooted. I waited for it to start but then stayed in the Asus logo for quite some time. I came upon boot loop on the internet and which led me to hard reset and factory resetting.  Nothing happened. I charged the phone and it indicated that the battery is charging. When I opened it to my surprise it prompted me to choose a languange. Thus, the factory reset mode. But then it turns off and goes back to the green battery logo that shows it was still charging. So I waited for it to charge fully first and was able to finish the initial requirements for the phone. (connecting it to the net, creating google acct. etc) but still it shuts down from time to time and goes back to the green battery charging logo. When I unplugged, it bootloops and never makes it to the home screen. What do i do?  Please help.

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Hi what I did is a brought my phone in the service center and they replaced the board and updated the firmware.
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