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[Utilities] 『ZenFone 2』Kids Mode

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In Kids Mode, by using "PIN of parental control", you can select apps for your kids, set play time, and block websites that are not suitable for kids.

How to set up
1. Launch "Kids Mode" app and tap "Done" after you read instruction.
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2. Set your PIN and select apps for your kids.
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Homepage of Kids Mode
You can see the apps you select for your kids in the center of homepage. In Kids Mode, only apps appeared on this homepage can be launched.
After tapping "Settings" or "Exit", you need to enter PIN of parental control to proceed.
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Setting play time
1. Tap lower-left icon and enter PIN to enter settings. Tap "Play time" to set play time.
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2. The remaining time is displayed on the upper-right corner. You can add more time or exit Kids Mode when time is up.
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Note: This function may not be available in all models or countries.

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