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Contacts which set as "Private contacts" are not shown on either contact list or call log. When there is an incoming call (and also during call) from a private contact, his name and phone number will still be shown on calling screen. If you do not want to have private contacts' information shown on calling screen, you can revise information in "Customized profile" in settings for your preference.
Note: This function only applies to contacts stored in "Device".

Adding a private contact
1. Launch "Contacts" app. Tap menu icon -> "Manage contacts -> "Manage private contacts".
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2. Input you PIN to enter the homepage of Private contacts. Tap "+" on upper-right and select a contact to private contact list.
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Viewing call history of private contacts
Tap a private contact on homepage and then tap the list icon to view connection history.
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Editing private profile shown on calling screen
1. Tap upper-right menu icon and tap "Settings". Enable "Customized profile".
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2. Tap "Customized profile" to edit information of a private contact on calling screen.
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Note: This function may not be available in all models or countries.

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