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Announcement of Android L upgrade delay  

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Asus was scheduled to provide ZenFone4, ZenFone5,ZenFone6, ZenFone5 LTE and PadFoneS with Android L upgrade in the end of April.We've sent the new version for final verification and we expect to release the upgrade soon.
Please refer to following table for new OTA plan. We would request the kind consideration and understanding of our customers with regards to any inconvenience caused by this schedule changing.

[150529] A400CG/CXG_WW_V7.3.3(OTA Android L)
[150522]A500CG /A501CG_ WW_ V3.23.40.52 OTA(Android L)
[150522]A600CG/A601CG_WW_V3.23.40.52 OTA(Android L)


PHL Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by thanjo on 2015/6/17 17:28

why zenfone 5 lite not included on the list?
CAN Level 1 | All posts
ever since the last Android upgrade, this unit does not operate properly at start. the seipe function does not work!
PHL Level 2 | All posts
Where is the upgrade for Zenfone 5 lite (A502CG)?! It's nearly July.. Really getting disappointed..
IND Level 1 | All posts
where is the upgrade for zenfone A450CG ! Every one getting lolipop but where is mine.
BOL Level 1 | All posts
Hi there i really like padfone X and i would like update to lollipop 5. When you will make a lollipop version for padfone X
USA Level 1 | All posts
After the upgrade to 5.0 killed the battery life on my Nexus5, causing me to go new phone shopping, I'd rather ASUS get it right rather putting out a buggy, problematic version that has to be updated countless times...
Why zenfone 5 multi user is disabled? Please talk to me...
BGD Level 1 | All posts
I'm the bloody A501CG. They didn't&doesn't think about me
RUS Level 1 | All posts

and when will the update to Lollipop for Asus zenfone A502CG?
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