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[Chat] How do I charge the phone while using OTG USB?

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parasitius USA Level 1 | All posts
Guys, I want to run a USB DAC (I don't care but probably Fiio E17 or ODAC, any is okay) and charge the phone at the same time, as this is the only way I can have hifi audio on long car trips given the power consumption during a 5 hour drive with high battery draw for GPS & 320kbps Spotify streaming.

I have researched and there exist solutions for, for example, certain Samsung devices like the "STS-3U : 3-port USB Hub". There are also cables, according to the official USB Battery Charging 1.2 specification, called the Accessory Charger Adapter, which appears to be merely a simple kind of cable.

1. Is Zenfone 2 a "Accessory Charger Adapter (ACA)-compliant Android device"?
2. Does it work with a the Accessory Charger Adapter? Where can I buy one / what model is recommended?
3. If not, oes it work by any other means, such as the plugs designed for some Samsung models (STS-3U)?
parasitius USA Level 1 | All posts
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A similar thread for ZenFone 6 never got a response:
Also, some of the things I mention I learned about here:
and here: ... &products_id=85

parasitius USA Level 1 | All posts
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parasitius USA Level 1 | All posts
Well thanks for nothing, would have thought at least someone from ASUS could answer a basic question about how to charge/use the phone and how it was engineered. Maybe most customers are too lame to do something as sophisticated and I'm the only one who ever asked...

AT ANY RATE, to those of you who googled and ended up here I have good news! I took a gamble on an Amazon charge & OTG cable not specifically for this phone and it does seem to work perfectly! BE CAREFUL about the order you plug and unplug stuff, it did cause the phone to get surged and reboot once. First plug in the power and set it charging, then plug in your USB device. (Fiio E17 USB DAC in my case)

Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power for Nexus 10 9 7 6 5 4 Player Nexus & Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge 5 V 4 IV 3 III
Sold by: HIAN
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IND Level 1 | All posts
how to connect zenf2 to sony tv ??? it asking pc suit???
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