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[Recommend App] Internet Speed meter to get kbps notification on status bar

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I just stumbled across this superb app which lets you know your internet speed in real time and all with just one look to the top left of your screen.
1.  Download the app here.


2. Click Install and wait till its gets downloaded.

Screenshot_2015-07-10-15-11-23.jpg        Screenshot_2015-07-10-15-11-30.jpg

3. Just open the app, and now you can see the the internet speed on top left side corner of your screen.

Screenshot_2015-07-10-15-11-38.jpg        Screenshot_2015-07-10-15-16-01.jpg

4. You can goto preferences of the app to change default settings like lockscreen notification and so on as per your taste.


5. The app also shows you the net speed on screen or when you pull your notification panel down.

Screenshot_2015-07-10-15-16-14.jpg     Screenshot_2015-07-10-15-12-57.jpg

6. You can even check your speed for last 30 days.


7. For example, when you visit a web site you can see the speed with which you are connecting to it in real time.


This app also shows internet speed for your mobile network as well as the Wifi you are connected too.
It also has a paid version with more functionalites and customisation.

I really like this app and is wonderful to have on phone. Hope you guys also find it of great use.

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