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[Replied] [Camera] Camera blurry issue after oreo 8.0 updated

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I have read all the other threads about this particular problem. But no solution. Camera is constantly failing to focus. Except for some rare moments. Then it works fine for 1-2 mins and then again goes back to blurred state. The problem started showing from the moment I updated it to Android 8 Oreo.

I have tried all the typical troubleshooting Asus support offers. So please don't bother telling me to do them.
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Hi Rakeshrawatji,

Do not create multiple threads for similar queries. ... eid%26typeid%3D1033
Problem was not solved for many user so he created this you can put an update for the same
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Guys they are not able to handle securely their own system update pushing server. As most of the people and you guys also know that asus update pushing server is used as a way to hack PCs by automatically installing system update and you all are expecting android updates
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Please help me run the SMMI test to verify if the hardware can function normally. For instructions please refer to the link below:

If this problem still persists, I would suggest you bring your phone to a local service center for a check.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
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I belive Asus have a lot of good engineers and programmers.
But the way how Asus treat their clients is terrible.

I bought ZE520KL with intention to photography, video recordings and creating Photospheres.
Then I realised that phone don't have photospheres in official Camera app (phone have Gyro and enought memory for that feature).
I was disappointed, but I found the way to get old Google's Camera app to create Photospheres.
It is possible to make Photospheres on ZE520KL but Asus won't give that feature, because they wan't to have it in their expensive Models of phones. ZE520KL is budget phone and didn't deserve for such a great feature, heh.

Then, after one of updates Asus broke their official Camera app.
Videos recorded in 1080p and 60fps were dark.
I found a lot of topics about that issue. Asus did nothing with that for about half of year.

In meantime I found another issue where your Clock dissapear from Lockscreen if you are using official Google's Clock.

And now this issue with Camera.
I found a lot of topics about this issue, most of them are closed already.
In my case Camera is losing focus and have problems with getting proper focus when I'm tapping on screen.
Even if camera is focusing proper thing on screen, then after few seconds it might change, lose focus.
Sometimes camera app is also changing Zoom, when losing focus.

I belive Asus will make us wait for few months until fix.

I'm done with Asus phones. Never again.

// funny fact: when you want to write new post in Asus ZE520KL subforum
// ... n=newthread&fid=233
// there is no ZE520KL model on list and entire Form is about Zenfone 2.

// second funny fact: I found recordings where you can see described issue but this forum does not let you upload video files.
They advertised it as a camera phone and the camera stopped working properly, what a joke
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I updated and it continues to run normally
Try a restore to the factory settings.
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