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[Experience Sharing] Improve ASUS Zenfone Battery Backup    

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Here are a few tips to extend your ASUS Mobile - Zenfone battery backup to make sure that you are on the Go! for that extra mile longer.

1) Lower your Screen Brightness -

This is the Number 1 Culprit that hogs on your Zenfones battery, LCD's require backlighting to light up the image formed on the LCD, and are made up of an array of white LED. Lighting them up at full brighness requires a lot of power.


So lower your screen brightness just to a point where you can comfortably view content on your screen without straining your eyes.

Editor's Suggestions:
▲ If you're indoors, you can leave the brightness at really low levels, provided you can view the screen without strain.
▲ If you're outdoors in the sun, you need to set it to around mid to medium high settings, again - provided you can view the screen with ease

2) Shorten your Screen timeout time -

This goes hand in hand with Point 1- More Screen on time - Means more power it uses to keep the screen ON.


You can Lower the time on the Screen Timeout option in the Display settings. Set it between 15 - 30 seconds, for optimal usage.- Go to Settings > Display > Sleep if you need to change the Screen out timing.

- You can change the Cover View screen timeout time also, for that, go to Settings > ASUS Cover > Automatic sleep.

Editor's Suggestions:
▲ For basic telelphony operations, you really dont need much screen on-time, you can lower the screen out-time to between 5 - 10 seconds.
▲ For Internet based apps, like browsers and social media apps, it might take more than 30 seconds to a minute to load content, in this case, keep the timing around 30 seconds to  1 minute.

3) Trim unnecessary Background apps -

You can prevent unnecessary apps from running in the background and consume your battery, by using the Auto-start Manager app. It allows you to block unwanted apps from running at device start-up. This frees alot of memory during start-up and usage.


Pull down the notification panel and select the Auto-start Manager app icon, and select apps you want to prevent from running.

Editors Suggestion:
▲ Auto-Start manager can be used as default across every scenario. It will help preserve battery at all times without sacrificing/ interfering productivity.

4) Using Battery Modes -

The Zenfone offers various Battery modes. They are Performance, Normal, Power Saving, and Super saving mode, also a special Smart Switch mode. Each mode provides extra toggle switches for brightness, a feature that turns off internet, and an Extend Standby feature that allows you too turn enable the apps to cease network operations during sleep. This allows the device to lower battery consumption by efficiently managing your push notifications when your phone is in sleep mode.


If you wish to enable the Smart-Saving feature, Go to Settings > Power management > Power Saver > Battery Modes > Smart-saving mode.

Editor's Suggestions:
▲ Performance mode does not focus on optimal battery usage, so if you're a power user, like a gamer or developer (not on the move alway), you can use this mode.
▲ Normal/balanced mode is usefull for those who are power users and are always on the move, the phone sets its operating capacity that is a balance between Performance and Battery saving.
▲ Power Saving mode reduces the CPU performance drastically in favor of better battery backup.
▲ Super Saving mode switches off Connectivity radios strictly, only telephony and messaging are active.
▲ Customised mode, lets you choose how your phone behaves according to your criteria.

5) Tap Boost in Quick Settings -

You might have wished for a single button that solves all your problems, such as speeding your device up and freeing up RAM, The Boost button does exactly that. Not only does it make your phone faster, but it also lowers battery consumption.


Swipe down from the notification bar twice to find the Boost button.

Editor's Suggestion:
▲ This is an feature that works when you prompt it to work, a momentary feature, where the function stops upon completion. Always use it after an extended session before you lock the screen, except if you have important heavy apps running in the background.

6) Choose Wi-Fi over 3G/4G Data -

If you use Wi-Fi instead of a data connection, your Zenfone will use consume lower battery power because your phone doesn't need to constantly search for the network.


If you wish to turn on Wi-Fi, pull down the notification bar twice and enable the Wi-Fi icon toggle. (Too Obvious, though really helpful)

Editor's Suggestions:
▲ If you are indoors close to a power source, you can choose to keep the Wifi on.
▲ If outdoors then completely turn off WIFI , unless you have a mobile hotspot that you can use.

7) Turn off Location Services, Bluetooth, and NFC -

Turning off these connectivity services when you're not using them can extend your battery life significantly. Host connectivity controllers require separate power and processing. Disabling them lowers the battery consumption.


If you wish to turn these services off, pull down the notification bar twice and tap the Location, Bluetooth, or NFC icon toggle.

Editor's Suggestion:▲ In any and every scenario, switch off these connectivity options after you finish using it, leaving it on WILL consume power.

8) Set up an Auto-switch mode schedule -

There are moments at a stretch when you know you wont be using your Mobile. So set up a time interval in Auto-switch mode to automatically switch to a lower battery consumption power mode when you're not using it. During this time interval the phone will not access features and connectivity. This really helps alot.


If you wish to enable it, Go to Settings > Power management > Power Saver > Smart-Switch mode. After enabling this feature,choose your start and end timings, Its recommended to set it to change to Super-Saving mode , by default.

Editor's Suggestion:
▲ Recommended to use during sleep hours, when you wont access the phone completely. It will keep telephone services active.

9) Don't Keep your ZenFone charging all the time -

Batteries have a thing called Limited Charge-Discharge Cycle/Count, meaning batteries can age. Its better to let the batteries go down to below 10% power level (about 5 %) and then charge.


Charging the batteries from a very low power level preserves its charge cycle count. Make full charged usage of your phone battery, that way it will be in service with optimum capacity. And make sure you use recommended chargers.

Editor's Suggestion:
▲ Highly advised to practice this method for overall better battery life.
▲ Always have your phone charged before you need it to avoid battery backup anxiety in every situation.

10) Use ZenPower -

The ultimate step to extend you ZenFones battery life is to use a ZenPower, which fulfills your charging needs when you're on-the-go.


ZenPower provides fast , easy, and convenient charging available at you, whenever and wherever you need it.

Editor's Suggestion:
▲ Use the ZenPower when the ZenFone is on the brink of shutting down (optimum scenario).
▲ Always keep the ZenPower charged up , also make sure you drain the ZenPower before charging it back up to full before every use to keep its battery life extended too.

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Once you follow these tips persistently, you will be going for that extra mile without the battery range anxiety, with confidence. If you have more such tips then let us know in the comments below. If you think this post is helpful, then please do share it with all your friends.

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Tips for More Battery Mileage - Share & Win


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It really helps a lot .... I don't knows these all..... thanks for your information .... love #Asus
Zen_Ro IND Moderator | All posts
Vgvijay posted on 2015/12/23 15:13
It really helps a lot .... I don't knows these all..... thanks for your information .... love #Asus

thanks, you should try them all out. and let us know if you get more backup juice....
Use headsets to hear songs instead of speakers.. Use normal wallpapers and themes instead of live wallpaper and theme
IND Level 1 | All posts
Last edited by absu.shaikh on 2015/12/27 13:20

thanks for ur  valuable tips to save battery when we are out
Zen_Ro IND Moderator | All posts
PraveenSundaramoorthy posted on 2015/12/26 11:50
Use headsets to hear songs instead of speakers.. Use normal wallpapers and themes instead of live wa ...

thats good suggestion....looking forward for more...
Please fix it Zen circle error 159
Please update Android m 6.0.2.  When did you update. Already low models update your to late sir
Zen_Ro IND Moderator | All posts
sirishkumarburle posted on 2015/12/28 18:35
Please update Android m 6.0.2.  When did you update. Already low models update your to late sir

Yeah i know ASUS is coming out too late, but it'll come, nonetheless.
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very helpful info at one place
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