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[Experience Sharing] The Zenfone Buyers Guide (Rs 10,000 and Below)

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Zen_Ro IND Moderator | All posts
Last edited by Zen_Ro on 2016/4/6 14:15


ASUS Mobile has been truly established and rooted
in India, and has come a long way from the Progenitor ASUSs like the ASUS 4, ASUS 5 and the later ASUS 6.
Since then, we have established more phones in the Rs 10,000 and below, or the Low to Lower-Mid range Smartphone category. Lets check it out here to know what's the best phone below Rs.10,000 for you:

1) ASUS Go 4.5 (ZC450TG):

This is the Current Entry level ASUS, which comes with the premium ASUS Rock Solid Build quality. The Phone comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop with ASUS ZenUI. The Dual SIM functionality features 2G and 3G active on both SIMs.


It comes with an 5MP PixelMaster Camera, and the front has an 0.3MP Camera. It's a Smooth operator with the MediaTek 6580M Quad-Core SoC coupled with 1 Gigabyte of RAM.


Who is this for -
- This phone will suit anybody who is new and looking to migrate to Android based Smartphones.
- For those who wish to have a usable phone with basic neccesary and uncompromising smartphone features
- For those who wish to have a phone that fits into smallest of hands, wanting a cozy smartphone experience.
- For those who want an super affordable smartphone experience.

Price - Rs 5299/- (Click here to Buy)

2) ASUS GO 5.0 (ZC500TG):


The ASUS GO 5.0 is a series upgrade over the GO 4.5, in terms of Larger screen, Better Camera, more RAM, and a much larger battery capacity. This 5 incher ASUS GO sports an HD screen, and a superior 8MP camera, these add to the Premium experience without burning your pocket out.


With 2GB of RAM, it ensure you are in complete control of multitasking without breaking a sweat. The front Camera too gets an upgrade with an 2.0MP Camera.

Who is this for -
- With an HD display and an 8MP shooter, this phone will attract anybody who wants a premium smartphone experience at an super affordable price.
- Also, for those who want to keep the Smartphone usage simple yet with a larger screen, ample 2GB RAM, and a super camera.
- If size is not a constraint, and if price point is, then this phone makes complete sense in every feature.

Price - Rs 6999/- (Click here to Buy)

Lets Compare the Specifications of both ASUS GO phones:


Go4.5 vs 5.5.jpg

Here you see that the Phones are identical in performance (slightly higher on the GO 4.5 because of lower screen resolution), but with an HD screen, an 8MP and 2MP Camera, Large battery, and option of 16GB storage, the ASUS Go 5.0 is a better buy.

3) ASUS Laser 5.0 (ZE500KL):

The Uber Premium featured ASUS series starts with the Laser 5.0. With a class leading camera, Laser focus technology and an excellent HD Display, this phone has no competition at its price point. Also with class leading design that has won awards, it totally makes style statement above its price.

laser 1.jpg

With 2GB of RAM and a mainstream Snapdragon Chipset, this phone is no slouch. It packs enough punch to play the latest games at respectable framerates, and playsback Blu-ray full HD prints flawlessly. Moreover it also sports the Corning Gorilla Glass for Screen protection.

laser 2.jpg

Who is this for - People who want a class leading Amazing Camera experience.
- Media junkies who need all the basic bells and whistles on a strict bugdet
- For who wish to have a super budget flagship phone with all the latest connectivity features, that also makes competition style statements.
- For people who are conservative about the Smartphone size yet need a sturdy super phone.

Price - Rs 7999/- (8GB) (Click here to Buy)
Price - Rs 8999/- (16GB) (Click here to Buy)

4) ASUS Laser 5.5 (ZE550KL):
ASUS are designed to be flexible, to cater wider audiences, so the Laser 5.5 is the extended version of the already superb Laser ZE500KL. Built on the same foundations of having a super Camera, this phone packs in a larger 5.5 Inch Display and a 3000mAH battery.

laser 5.5-1.jpg

Now with a larger screen, you can enjoy movies, videos, and photos better with more viewing area. And the 3000mAH battery should back you up with hours and hours of entertainment and usability.

laser 5.5-2.jpg

Who is this for -
- People who want an extended and large screen experience.
- For people who wish to have superb Camera, large HD screen, and Amazing Battery Backup
- Also for who wish to have a budget phone with all the latest smartphone feature experience, that also makes competition style statements.

Price - Rs 9199/- (Click here to Buy)

Lets Compare how the Laser Series ASUS Stack up-



With near crisp identical specs, the Laser 5.5 only differs on the screen size, and a larger battery.  Both these phones are neck and neck, but the larger HD screen on the Laser 5.5 is hard to resist.

5) ASUS MAX (ZC550KL):

This ASUS is like no other in the market currently. It brings the best of two worlds, the Camera and the Battery. It packs in a 5000mAH battery, along with an HD Display, and the 13MP Laser AF focus borrowed from the Laser series.


The battery on this phone can rack up to 36+ hours of Talktime, and continoud Screen-ON time of 14+ hours. But the best feature of all is this phone can act as a PowerBank, and it works wonders..


Who is this for -

- People who want an extended battery range.
- For people who wish to have superb Camera, large HD screen, and a supreme battery.
- The Phone suits best for people who are always travelling and need to have uncompromising battery performance.- Also for people who wish to have performance of the Laser 5.5 (ZE550KL) but with twice the battery capacity.

Price - Rs 9999/- (Click here to Buy)

Lets Compare how the ASUS Max fairs against the Laser 5.5, which is very closely priced.


So with the ASUS MAX, the phone is a different packaging with more elegant design minus the Corning Gorilla Glass protection. If you wish to have a Laser 5.5 with a 5000mAH battery, and with very miniscule price difference, you should definately go for the ASUS MAX.

Check out my article on the ASUS Max Battery Benchmarks!!!

So these were phones under the Rs 10k bracket. Next on, we'll see the ASUSs that are available in the Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 range, stay tuned.

Let us know in the comments of your thoughts and doubts on the this Buyers Guide, and Earn Extra Creds !!!

Check out our previous ASUS Buying Guide by Zen_Lianne&
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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts

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Awesome !
I'm still on the ASUS 5
And ASUS 2 Laser ZE550KL is Rs.9999.
There is an offer on flipkart. So, its available in Rs.9199.
I prefer to buy ASUS Max. Because of its huge monstorous battery !
And I loved that minion toy and that Retro Car
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts

Replies Awards +3

My favorite one is obviously ASUS Max! It offers an incredible value for money and among the best battery life on smartphones!

Replies Awards +3

Yes i m using ASUS max It gives 4-5 days backup for normal use
IND Beta Tester | All posts

Replies Awards +3

Hm..... that's a pretty useful info for buyers nice one @Zen_Ro
IND Beta Tester | All posts

Replies Awards +3

I think ASUS Max would be the best choice....
IND Level 1 | All posts

Replies Awards +3

the best phone under 10000 Rs in India is ASUS max
IND Level 5 | All posts

Replies Awards +3

One of the best articles..
And surely will help everyone who wants to have a budget phone.. Keep it up
IND Level 6 | All posts

Replies Awards +3

nice comparison between products so buyers can think and will go ahead with best product in the world, will enjoy. really!!!

Max is MAX with 5000mh battery.......!!
Zen_Ro IND Moderator | All posts
rhitikwadhvana posted on 2016/4/1 22:00
Awesome !
I'm still on the Zenfone 5
And Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL is Rs.9999.

GO for the ZF2, it still rocks...
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