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[Experience Sharing] [ ZenGeeky Exclusive ] 5 Reasons To Own A Zenfone Zoom

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Last edited by mail2ronit on 2016/4/28 10:14

Hey guyz ! What's up ?

This time ZenGeeky is back with his brand new look


He got some interesting stuff for you

What's it ?

Let's check It Out


So, What do you think that the 5 reasons could be ?

According to me, these reasons are ->

1 3Xoz.png

This is best reason to own the Zenfone Zoom. Do you know the incredible superpower of the 3x Optical Zoom ?

Well, let me tell you

Till, now the zoom feature you are using in your mobile is nothing but Digital Zoom.

Whenever you zoom digitally, it simply crops the image !  

This process sacrifices the image quality a lot & most of the time, you get unsatisfaction.

Here, the Optical Zoom comes to the rescue.

While using Optical Zoom, you don't need to sacrifice a single bit of your image. So, you get better details everytime, even if you are far away from the object.

My experience says, the 3x Optical Zoom was a much needed feature for the Zenfone Zoom as sometimes moving close to a living object may cause the object to run or fly away. Also, you get benifited in many more ways by the Optical Zoom.

2 DSLR.png

You maybe aware of the Manual Mode controls in the PixelMaster 2.0 .

The Manual Mode is responsible for a DSLR photography experience on the Zenfones.

But, the Zenfone Zoom is a step ahead of the other Zenfones in case of the Manual controls. It support a larger nuber of Shutter Speeds where the range is 1/16000s-32s.

Also, the maximum level for ISO is 3200 & WB is supported upto 7500.

Of course Manual Focus is also present to ensure the professional blur while capturing images.

Also, Dedicated shutter buttons are present in the Zoom so you can snap pictures quickly.

Hence, you get a professional camera experience all the time & you don't really need to carry your heavy DSLR with you

3 performance.png

Not only as a camera, the Zenfone Zoom is a performance beast as well.

It is powered by a 2.5Ghz Intel Atom Z3590 chipset, a PowerVR G6430 GPU & 4GB LPDDR3 RAM.

This ensures good multitasking along with great gaming experience. So, you really don't need to drop the performance section for a good camera.

The team really worked hard this time to control heating issues with the device & as a result the device heats maximum upto 43-44 degrees with high gaming & 40-41 degree temparature of the surroundings.

4 pocket.png

Are you addicted to Street photography & keep clicking wherever you go ?

Isn't it really tuff to carry your DSLR everytime ?

Well as a solution, the Zenfone Zoom is thin like a Normal Smartphone & it fits in your pocket easily.

So, you are now ensured of getting every moment that you want to capture.

The Zenfone Zoom is strictly recommended for Street Photographers. It brings out the best of street photography.

5 battery.png

Last but not the least, the battery backup of Zenfone Zoom is good as well.

It has a 3000mah Battery & performs like a champion in Standby.

While gaming the battry drain is quite usual & you can easily play games upto 3 hours in a Medium screen brightness.

While using camera, you get maximum 2 hours & 30mins battery backup so you can easily use it for long time shoots.

It is recommended to carry a Power Bank with you in case of long photoshoots as if it takes more than 2hours & 30 mins, you will need it.

So, That's It For Today ! Don't forget to tell me your views in the comments below


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Nice Share Ronit
2 marks deducted for mistakes given below
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Just kidding
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Great work bro !
Loved your new ZenGeeky
Awesome share !
mail2ronit IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Nithin Gopal posted on 2016/4/28 09:25
Nice Share Ronit
2 marks deducted for mistakes given below
Maual mode

Oops !

Typing mistake

Fixed It
mail2ronit IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
rhitikwadhvana posted on 2016/4/28 09:34
Great work bro !
Loved your new ZenGeeky
Awesome share !

Thank you Rhitik

I'm glad you liked it.
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Welcome back ZenGeeky.

Nice sharing good work.....................
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
ZenGeeky Super as always....                  
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I liked the ZenGeeky art too...keep on sharing...
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