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Last edited by Zen_Aakash on 2019/4/25 11:25 Fingerprint Technology has been
How to Enable camera2api After Pie on ASUS Zenfone Max Pro m1 Prerequisites
ZenFone Max (M1) and ZenFone Lite (L1) AreAvailable at an Exciting New Price Qu
Every Year Qualcomm comes out with a New SOC (System on Chip) & Yes it will def
Last edited by Zen_Aakash on 2019/3/4 16:15 OWN ANY ZENFONE AT AN EXCITING NEW
ASUS, the Taiwanese leader in smartphones and IT technology, and Google I/O ann
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Since pie update if i try to decrease or increase caller ringtone sound by dragging volume bar it starts to misbehave. One more problem is long press apps in menu to uninstall this option some times is not working. I have to restart my phone to uninstall
Earlier i was able to see snapcall icon in my contacts but after factory reset, it is not available. How to get it visible?
My phone was showing snapcall icons in contacts bit after i opted for factory reset, i am unable to see the icon. How to get the facility activated?
The new May security patch update is too good. I don't see any major problems but found one recently that my cellphone is heating while charging. Are you facing the same issue? Kindly report issue here and help the community! 😀
Cast to tv not working after April update on my M1 pro. Earlier it was working good with 2 of our TVs. Any solution?
How split screen works in new pie update




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Poll of the Week
Poll of the Week: Vote for the Top 3 Specs for your Perfect Smartphone.
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