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[PIM] "Lock apps" function integrated with CM AppLock

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ASUS "Lock apps" function is now integrated with CM AppLock. You can select ZenUI basic mode or CM AppLock advanced mode for better user experience. CM AppLock will not transfer any personal information and please feel at ease using CM AppLock.

Supported ASUS Launcher version: (or later)

Enabling CM AppLock
1. Tap "All apps" -> upper-right menu icon -> "Lock apps".
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2. Select apps that you want to protect with lock.
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3. Set a pattern or PIN for apps.
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How CM AppLock for ASUS protecting your apps 
1. A pattern or PIN is required for unlocking those locked apps.
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2. The intruder is snapped when entering wrong pattern or PIN in the AppLock screen.
    Note: The photo of the intruder will not be shown until the app is unlocked.
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More options
Find more options on the main page of CM AppLock (upper-right menu icon -> "Settings").
Note: If you do not want to receive ads, please uncheck "Recommend goodies" option in Settings.
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Changing AppLock mode
You can select ZenUI basic mode or CM advanced mode for your preference.  
1. Tap "All apps" -> upper-right menu icon -> "Preferences".
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2. Select basic or advanced mode in "AppLock mode".
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Forgot password
Please follow steps below to log in your Google account and reset your password.
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Advanced mode
You need to login first Login | Register Now

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