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[Other] How To Get Android Pie (Beta) On Your Zenfone Max Pro (M2) | Instructions

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ZFMP2 Pie Beta Cover.jpg

The Pie Update for Zenfone Max Pro (M2) is finally here. Well, kinda. The update was supposed to arrive in late January but, it seems like the firmware isn't stable enough to get a public roll out. So, ASUS India is offering an early taste of Pie for the device. The Beta firmware is now available & if you own a Zenfone Max Pro (M2), you can get a taste of the same.

Things To Know Before Enrolling

  • The Program is open for Zenfone Max Pro (M2) users in India only.
  • The Firmware may be less stable than a public release so, you have to live with that if you wish to enroll.
  • There will be no downgrade firmware available for this. So, until the public update is released, you'll be on the Beta Firmware (or firmwares).
  • You need to provide active feedback after installing the firmware. The comapany will improve on necessary sections, depending on your feedback.
  • Beta firmware may lead to potential data loss so, it is recommended to back up the data of your Internal Memory before installing the firmware.

How To Enroll

  • Go to (if shows error, go to: get started with the process.
  • Read the details carefully & tick the checkboxes (on page 1 & 2) if you agree. After the boxes are checked, click "Enroll" on Page 1 & "Proceed" on Page 2.
  • After Page 2 is done, you'll be able to access the Google Form where you need to provide details about your device alongside your contact info.
  • Complete the form & submit it. That's it.

How To Install The Firmware

ZFMP2 Pie Reference 5Z.jpg

[Photo of Zenfone 5Z running Pie for reference]

1. After the enrollment has been successfully done,

Batch 1 (who enrolled earlier & waiting for a mail): You'll receive an email with the link to download the Pie Beta firmware for your Zenfone Max Pro (M2). Please note, that you cannot share the link with anyone else or, it may result in voiding their warrenty.

Batch 2: You'll get all get the links for the Firmware, Update Instructions & the Bug Report instructions (SOP) on the Fifth Page (the page that appears after submission process is complete). You can then download the files directly from there. Again don't share any of the links with others.
2. Download the Firmware from the link & paste it directly into your Internal Storage (not inside any folder). Unplug the data cable if you have transfered from a PC.

  If you have downloaded on your smartphone & cannot locate the "Internal Storage" folder on your Files app, you need to enable "Show internal storage" from the Navigation Dots from the top right corner of the app.

3. A Update notification shall pop up. If doesn't restart your phone & it should appear.

4. Install the firmware & you're good to go.

VR PAD.png

So, if you want to taste Pie on your Zenfone Max Pro (M2) right now & you're okay with the possible consequences of Beta Firmware, you can enroll for the Beta program & get your hands on early.

Note: If you have enrolled but, weren't able to download the Firmware from the link for some error, you shall get a mail with updated links & stuff. If you don't receive that, please leave a comment & I'll take your concern to the official team so, they can send you a working link.

If you belong to the Batch 1 & you are waiting for the mail with the links, let me know if you haven't recived it even after a few days. I can do the same for you.

Please do not share the link with anyone else because, that may void their warrenty so, if they face any major issue & need to run to the service center for a rollback, they'll not get it covered under their warrenty as well. If someone else wants to install Pie Beta on their Zenfone Max Pro M2, please ask them to Enroll for the Beta Program.

Dr.Zen Ronit Roy

Devices : Zenfone 5Z ZS621KL , Zenfone Max Pro (M2) ZB630KL , Zenfone 3 ZE520KL , ROG G501VW , Zenfone Zoom ZX551ML , Zenfone 4 A450CG
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mail2ronit IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
arunkumar84lokesh posted on 2019/2/2 14:27
sir pie beta update on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 users please or atleast stable in February please

Thanks for the suggestion. Will pass it to the official team.
Sir i enrolled for pie beta program but i didn't not received any mail from asus
mail2ronit IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
manishmanohar1999 posted on 2019/2/2 20:34
Sir i enrolled for pie beta program but i didn't not received any mail from asus

The mailing process isn't automated. They'll send the mails manually. If I get any info about the date, I'll let you know.
IND Level 1 | All posts
Asus transformer pie nhi me tere me pie update
IND Level 1 | All posts
manishmanohar1999 posted on 2019/2/2 20:04
Sir i enrolled for pie beta program but i didn't not received any mail from asus

I am not getting any mail from asus@asusindia
Sir i enrolled for pie beta program but i didn't not received any mail from asus
How much time to take for receive mail
IND Level 1 | All posts
When will give the mail from asus 
Last edited by srinivasarao17295 on 2019/2/7 12:00

Hi all
Please check u r mail under spam box
The link mail is there Subject is  "Zenfone Max Pro M2 Android Pie Beta Power User Program"
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