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[Replied] Problems and bugs in stable pie update  

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I am facing so many issues after pie update.. I regret buying this phone. Finger print has been really slow.. like realllyyy slow. Camera doesn't click photos instantly.. sometimes after clicking 4-5 times I realize none of them was clicked. Notification led not working. Earlier it used to blink on messages but now it blinks on usless notifications and never on messages. Also lock screen doesn't show background wallpaper.. whenever i turn on the screen I see a keyboard only..and not the usual lock screen where tome Nd notifications are displayed. This thing sucks. I was expecting a better camera app but this is even worse. Please solve these issues asap .. I am not going to buy any asus product now 
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* After the battery gets below 15% the         performance reduces greatly even if     battery  saver is switched off, like for   example to open maps takes a lot of time.
* Native video call, call recorder is absent.
* Sometimes touch is unresponsive, need to lift mobile from the table to make it work, or need to lock and unlock.
* Add a feature to get vibration feedback when the call is picked up on the other side.
* To draw the notification bar anywhere in the home screen by swiping downwards. 
* Why opening and shutting dialer before and after call has so much delay, feels like am using 1 gb ram and 2010 processor, please fig the bug, becuase it's sd660 and 6 GB ram.
* Importantly why on earth do not disturb don't get silenced for incoming calls. Please fix it.

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Why pie update installing error after downloading full file of 1072.81 mb on ASUS max m2 
It is the third time i downloaded pie update and all the it shows error while installing 
After update of pie in max pro m2 i faces the following bugs:
(1)no default camera to api enabled.(2) brightness issue was in beta and now in stable update.(3)while cast screen is freezing.(4) vibration is decreased.(5)phone piece volume is too was good in starting oreo version.(6)we can't play video in notch area in mx player but in YouTube ,hotstar we can play in notch area(7)no given camera features like slow motion video recording, promoma mode.(8)camera interface is boaring.(9)not given pie home launcher.(10) digital wellbeing is missing.(11) screen flickering issue for some customers.(12)in pie stable version phone is taking too much time to charge its annoying.(13)battery backup is poor.(14)native video calling in not provided.(15)Bluetooth icon is not displaying in status bar even it is on.(16)cracking sound is also coming in pubg,whatsapp voice message.(17)fingerprint unlock has been became lazy.(18)sometimes double tap wakeup doesn't work.(19) there is no sign of wifi when connected to it...
Plzzz its my humble Request to fix these bugs .....i really disappointed with ASUS...plzzz fix this bugs as early as possible... battery draining is very fast ..
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Pie update is worthless.. no sound in earpiece.., what the hell Ur team is doing.... Throw them off from your company... They are useless
 update is worthless.. no sound in earpiece.., what the hell Ur team is doing.... Throw them off from your company... They are useless
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even my phone call quality is very bad. The movement the call gets connected the people whom i am speaking to cannot hear my voice, it takes couple of seconds for people to hear me . Also the volume of the my voice to others is drastically reduced. this is a very annoying issue and has happened after the update to the new android. Please fix it at the earliest
After updating my ASUS max Pro M2 to Pie. It's internet is causing problems, after 10-15 minutes internet stops working. While it was working fine in the last Oreo version.
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After update android pie my touchscreen have a problem
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As an avid Mobile Legend user, most new character models totally blacked out. Only characters that model havent refreshed by ML dev appears fine.

And also Contra Returns character model went simplistic as hell, looks like game from 2010.

GPU is not up to date here. Havent tried other games yet. Even after rebooting and reinstalling, the issue still persist.

If only i could revert back to previous firmware...
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