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shakalaca TWN Guest Moderator | All posts
This may solve the well known error 'cannot read ...' during adb sideload process.
If you're using 64bit Windows (7/8/10) and having problem using 'adb sideload', this build may help (7.69 MB, Downloads: 191942)
IND Level 3 | All posts
Thank you. It worked, using 64bit flash tool solved this problem.
IND Level 1 | All posts

this one is too old you can use this one latest 2018 Minimal ADB And Fastboot Tool
BRA Level 2 | All posts
What means this cmd comands ?

C:\adb>adb devices
List of devices attached
?       sideload
C:\adb>adb sideload  (this means :
adb: failed to stat file No such file or directory
C:\adb>adb sideload
Total xfer: 0.00x
MYS Level 6 | All posts
afd.dias_CQBX posted on 2018/7/26 04:59
What means this cmd comands ?

C:\adb>adb devices

As I told you earlier, ADB can't sideload RAW firmwares. Only .zip firmwares will work.

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