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[Experience Sharing] [How to Upgrade] Zenfone 5 to Lollipop manually - Step by Step with screenshots.    

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IND Level 5 | All posts
When i go to download the firmware of the page is said that "the page is not available" not only that i can't download this firmware from the asus site can you tell me what i do? I have upgrade my firmware to what i do for upgrading to android lollipop...Please give me the answer 
Thank you.
PHL Level 1 | All posts
i try your instruction nothing happen,what can i do?
IND Level 1 | All posts
how to update zenfone 5 tooj to lollipop my build number is
PHL Level 3 | All posts
pls read the instruction so that u cannot encounter troubles...
PHL Level 1 | All posts
 i can't update my zenfone to lollipop, I badly need help for this. I followed all the instructions step by step yet still nothing. heres my fones software ver. 
IDN Level 1 | All posts
i read the notice on firmware asus download, i update my kitkat with the same version first, and then i upgrade again with lollipop firmware .87, and now my device in Lolipop firware. thanks asus
PHL Level 1 | All posts
HI. my asus zenfone 5 doesn't work after I restart my phone in STEP 1 Process. I already cut and paste the Zip file ...
Can you please help me how to   disable data and reboot so that it will appear the triangle notification and ready for updates?

please help me. I really want to update my Zenfone5 from Kitkat to Lolipop.

USA Level 1 | All posts
Is the lollipop file still available
The link doesn't work for me
IND Level 2 | All posts
I have updated my Zenfone 5 to version I have downloaded "Lollipop" zip file from asus website and put it in the internal storage. After restart, the phone did not saw a triangle notification on the status bar.  I did more time restart phone never got a notification.
IND Level 1 | All posts
the link for android update displays error , plz give me another link or and drive link to the update
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