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ASUS confirms Android Oreo update availability for ZenFone 3 and ZenFone 4!  

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CAN Level 1 | All posts
second half of 2018..  well android 7 came when android 8 was  about to have the  preview beta release  so  by the second half of 2019 they will probably already have released android  9.0  .. {hum called ... ok lets call it "Pop Tarts” until they name it ... why it always have to take this  much time   well it s still faster than samsung as i am still waiting after they released it without ever release an update of any kind in 2 years  since it released ..... seriously  It is 2017 ..  it time to update to stock android without the bloatware   and suggest thoses unwanted features  so people install what they want   that would be mucu faster to update and rend good phones a bit less obsolete  preventing clientw to get an android 8 phone with a competitor     apple does it  why.can t android phones too ... and i dont know but as for me my zenfone 3 has been my 3 rd phone  this year  after my iphone screen failled  and since they replaces the phone 27 times  for pretty much anything  on an iphone 6+ with no cosmetic damage at all  i decided that my time at apple was over so i got a windows phone which did not work well with smart home  stuff  so i got a samsung galaxy   and a gear watch but i got.pissed learning the watch didnt work with the phone plus   the fact i received no updates and 3 app downloaded filled the memory   with littl support to install apps on micro sd .... i was furious and bought this phone having better specs than an iphone, looks even better too but most impotant 64 gb for apps and 6 go  of ram  top that with a 2oo micro sd i was in ”Wonderland” and I couldn't love this phone more except maybe for the Asus flip case that doesn't last long but anyway still waiting for another here to have a OS update seems a bit too long to me which overtime might be a bummer the worst part of it is that I love my phone so much that I bought an Asus computer an Asus projector and also I bought the Asus watch to go with that having to wait and wait and wait and wait for updates that should be there as soon as they release is for me I'm not really happy as a customer and no at some point I might decide to change to buy an Android 8 phone before that which will result from me going to a competitor probably Google this time as I know but updates will roll up when they release so you need to think about this because keeping customer is a good thing for a company because when somebody likes the product B the People by all the product from the same company and that builds Trust in the clients mind which bound them to the company four years to come so that's a win-win situation think of that
FRA Level 1 | All posts
Android Oreo come in zc520tl with zenui4 ?
FRA Level 1 | All posts
Zenfone 2 will get android 7 ?
PHL Level 3 | All posts
Haha! Fix the bugs first in Nougat before flaunting the Oreo update. 
PHL ZenFone 3 Beta Tester | All posts
Will there also be a beta tester program for Android Oreo?
POL Level 1 | All posts
Totally awesome move from ASUS side to give all Zenfone 3 users update to Android 8.0 Oreo! Great job ASUS! 😁
PHL ZenFone 3 Beta Tester | All posts
is there hiring for zenfone 3 oreo beta tester?
FRA Level 1 | All posts
Zenfone 3 max ,zc520tl , get android O and zen ui 4 ?

ZenFone 2 laser , ze500kl, get android 7... ?
IND Level 1 | All posts
Nice to hear this. Waiting to get Zen UI 4.0 and Oreo from Asus for ZenFone 3. Pls consider to change the UI of current calling screen page. It looks like outdated and seeing for almost 3 years plss 
Please at least give us android nougat for zenfone 2 series, we only need that OS for multi windows and anything else
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