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  • Event description
Online event

Event Start: 2018/3/13 15:15
Event End: 2018/7/4 00:00
Type:   Mr. Zen Live
Quota:   Unlimited, more is better!
Qualification:   Not Limited
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Hello, ZenFans! Here comes ZenTalk's biggest event from April to July - Red Vs. White ZenFans Face-off! It's the very first time that all the ZenFans will be devided into two teams to compete with each other, and win the latest ZenFone Max series and ZenPower Slim!  
Let's read on and discover what you can do in "Red Vs. White ZenFans Face-off"!

【What is "Red Vs. White ZenFans Face-off "?】
There are 3 rounds in total, and each round will last 1 month. During each round, every ZenFan will be randomly assigned to a team by system. ZenFans can earn Red/White Points by getting Digests and other methods (such as posting and replying threads). By the end of each round, the team that gets higher points wins!
Want to work together with you team members? Don’t' worry, there are special Encouragement Events to get a lot of Points at one time, maybe your team will reverse the situation by winning these events!
  • Round 1: Apr. 12th 12:00~May. 8th 12:00 (Taiwan time)
  • Round 2: May. 10th 12:00~Jun. 5th 12:00 (Taiwan time)
  • Round 3: Jun. 7th 12:00~Jul. 3rd 12:00 (Taiwan time)

【Which team am I in?】
During each round, each ZenFan will be randomly assigned as Team Red or Team White by system when first sign in. There are possibilities for you to stay in different teams each round.

【How do I earn Red/White Points?】
Check your Points ( updated every 30 mins ) >>
Personal Points    >> Team Points  

  • Points
As long as you accomplish the following actions, you can not only get your own Points but also earn Points for your team!
(Example: Zenny from Team Red posted one thread, so he can get 200 Points and also earn 200 Points for Team Red.)

  • Bonus Points
ZenTalk will calculate and clear all the Points by system when each round ends. If your team reaches the goals, then the system will directly add the total Points of your team at the very end of each round.
(Example: There are 1,000 people in Team Red.  If there are more than 200 team members post threads or photos, Team Red will get 10000 bonus Points.)


*The final Points of two teams will be updated on May. 9th, Jun. 6th, and Jul. 4th.

【What are the awards of Red Vs. White ZenFans Face-off?】

[Winning team]
  • After each round, if the valid participants of the winning team reach 1000, 1 winner will be drawn out from the valid pool to win 1 latest ZenFone Max series!

[High-score Master]
  • After each round, if the valid participants from winning team who personally have more than 500 Points reach 500, 1 winner will be drawn out from the valid pool to bring a pair of ZenPower Slim 6000 home!

  • After the 3-rounds event ends, if the number of valid participants who personally have more than 3500 Points reach 500, 1  winner will be drawn out to win 1 ZenFone 5 series!

【Winner announcement】
  • [Winning team]-ZenFone Max Series & [High-score Master]-ZenPower 6000:
    May16th, June 13th, July 11th

  • [High-score Master]- ZenFone 5 Series:
    July 18th

【Terms and Conditions】
  • The "Winning Team Prize" and "High-score Master-ZenPower Slim 6000" will be CANCELED if the total valid participants failed to reach 50 people. The "High-score Master-ZenFone 5 series" prize will be CANCELED if the total valid participants failed to reach 100 people.
  • "Red/White Point" is only for for the winning calculation of "Red/White Point" event, which does not have cash value and shall expire at the end of this event, and can not be transfer into cash and ZenCredits.
  • If there is any controversy of personal or Team's Points, ZenTalk has the power to determine the final results.
  • The photography works must be original and the participants own the rights to their photography works. If not, ASUS has the rights to cancel your qualification for this event.
  • The winner will be announced on the top of this thread. Moderator will inform the winner to claim the prize by mail, please provide resident certificate, ID, or other prize-awarding information which can verify winner's identity.
  • If the local winners whose Nationality are not from Philippines they will be disqualified.
  • If the winners Nationality are not from Philippines but living in one of these countries now, please provide" residential certificate "and other prize-awarding information such as ID and passport to verify your identity.
  • The color and model of the prize will be randomly chosen.
  • ZenTalk reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, revise, or suspend the event,as well as rights of final interpretation. All changes will be announced on ZenTalk forum.
  • By participating in this activity, you agree to abide by ZenTalk Forum Terms & Conditions.

PHL Level 2 | All posts
This is great! Another awesome event! Let be bring home the price!xj_event
Lets get it on! Leggo!! 😃xj_event
This is should be fun. Leggo!! #RedTeamxj_event
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Goodluck to us. #RedTeam♥️xj_event
HKG Level 1 | All posts
Goodluck to us Red Team!How I wish we will win!Have fun everyone.. <3 !xj_event
PHL Level 1 | All posts
goodluck guys,,,, goodluck red team, lets get it on....  xj_event
PHL Level 1 | All posts
White team ! 💪 hwaiting! xj_event
PHL Level 4 | All posts
Let's give our best, Team White! Wishing us all good luck!xj_event
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Good luck, Team Red! Let's spread the positive vibes!! xj_event
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