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The PixelMaster's Master class is a 9 month  photography seminar held by 8 Asus Pixelmasters.

This July 14, the seminar is all about Wedding photography hosted by our very own PixelMaster Emir Kahn Bautista, held at the Studio Namu, located at Diliman, QC.
The second part of this seminar will be on July 28.

This Seminar teaches you unique techniques that you can use specially if you love taking photos during events.
It's not the Normal workshop that bores the attendees, It's very fun and interactive and it challenges you to think outside the box.

It makes you do something you haven't done before, so it's definitely a whole new experience to us attendees.
I had a lot of fun knowing that I learned so much, considering this is just the first part of the workshop.

Sir Emir himself is fun and very enthusiastic. My favorite part of the worshop is the photo presentation, wherein everyone gets to see your shot, and he will tell you which aspect needs to be improved.
It's an open and creative criticism that challenges everyone to improve what needs to be improved, and to try out something new.

Overall, this is the best photography workshop I have attended so far, and I'm looking forward to our next session this July 28.

Attached are some of the photos taken during the workshop.

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