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[PIXELMASTER KEN] Quick Review on the ZenFone Max Pro M2

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KenGo PHL Level 1 | All posts

We recently took a quick trip to Baguio, to enjoy some fresh air and explore the cool weather specially in the evening.

For this trip I took along both my Zenfone 5 and the latest Zenfone Max Pro M2.

What surprised me the most on the Max Pro M2 was how the phone felt in my hands, the phone felt premium which is not what the budget friendly price (below Php 15k) would otherwise suggest.

This was a solid phone.

The phone is fast, apps I use, like photo and video editing apps were snappy. It was a joy to find a phone without any bloatware included, I was able to only load only those apps I need.

As someone who like to shoot, memory can be a concern, this one boast a nice 64GB ROM plus a Micro SD slot that doesn't require you to give up your 2nd SIM slot for. This feature is very handy for travelers who need an extra SIM for the local SIM card in the Country they are visiting. This was my issue before with my other phones, when I travel I need to give up my MicroSD so that I can insert the local SIM card, which means I have less space for my photos and videos.

Am not a gamer, unless Candy Crush or SUDOKU can qualify me, so I would leave that gaming performance part of the review to the other experts, but from what I heard the processor (Snapdragon 660) and RAM (6GB) of these phones are great for gamers.

Now for the Camera performance:


Cellphone cameras have one thing in common, they all must fit a small area on the phone, so they will be limited with a smaller lens and sensor. This means for a portrait photographer like me, it's almost impossible to achieve the DSLR like bokeh. So to achieve this bokeh effect manufacturers like Asus equipped their phones with a 2nd lens to help create the bokeh effect. This model is fantastic in creating that faux bokeh. That a casual looker may mistake the photos as captured by a larger interchangeable lens camera.



Another thing this new phone handles better is low light, I can see more details in low light photos without the overly aggressive noise reduction of other phone cameras, which leaves the subject looking mannequinish. Having a bright f/1.8 lens is also a big plus for low light photography.
This camera takes better macro than any of my camera phones, it can focus closer, making it ideal for those who love to take photos of their food.



Images also have a nice dynamic range, or how much detail I can see from the highlights (bright part) to the shadows (dark part). The lens has a nice coating too which reduces glares when shooting directly towards a bright light source.



All these great features would be useless if your phone dies due to a weak battery, the Max Pro M2 prides itself in having a 5000 mAh battery (yes as big as some powerbank, in fact I have a few powerbank with less than 5000 mAh). This means I can shoot sun up to sun down without worries of running out of battery, in fact the battery life is so good, my family would charge their phone through the Max Pro M2's reverse charging capability.



Overall this a great phone irregardless of it's price point, so it being a budget friendly phone is just gravy.

PHL Level 1 | All posts
Im wondering if you are using different camera app on this? This seems to be different from the photos i took specialy in lowlight.
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