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ASUS Max Bug Report
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Hi guys,

I have an Asus Zenfone Max M2. What missery i have been through, only you would realize as Asus has some of the world's dumb customer care and technical support executive.

To start with, my last successful OTA was 16.2018.1903.37 in the month of April.

After which i had no update for until  May end when i emailed them to learn version 16.2018. 1905.42 was released.

Until here fine, now on 4th July i received a reply to my query from June informing me that i am on an older update and that i should download 16.2018.. 1905.44

So i did as instructed and updated to that version.

Yesterday, i received an email asking me what my current version was. J told them i was on the 16.2018.1905.44 update just to learn THAT UPDATE IS ONLY FOR RUSSIAN DEVICE'S. WHY DID ASUS ASK ME TO DOWNLOAD IT ? WHY SHOULD I NOW TAKE GHE PAIN YO VISIT A SERVICE CENTER TO DOWNGRADE ??

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Dear all,
Please kindly refer to below release note ... peid%26typeid%3D675
and update your firmware to V16.2018.1906.47
Thank you for your continued support and patronage
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