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AI Developer Kit on UX450FDA


VPU-Movidius Myriad X is the world’s first SoC (system-on-a-chip) shipping with a all-new Neural Compute Engine - a purpose-built hardware accelerator designed to dramatically increase performance of deep neural networks without compromising the low power characteristics of the Myriad VPU product line. It gives devices the ability to see, understand and react to their environments in real time.

Intel, Microsoft, and Asus have collaborated to launch the world’s first AI on PC Development Kit (AI DevKit) : a brand-new laptop form factor computer .The AI DevKit is a complete kit for building deep learning inference applications on a PC. It provides a cost-competitive way to build and run AI applications using Intel® Processors (CPU) Intel® Graphics Technology (iGPUs) and Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Units (VPUs) on a laptop PC with Microsoft Windows* ML and OpenVINO™ toolkit, and delivers image processing, computer vision, and deep learning inferencing for exceptional performance per watt, per dollar. An integrated combination of hardware and software plus lots of source code and tutorials helps accelerate the creation of compelling AI applications and enable new uses. Intel has worked with Microsoft for the past year to ensure that the AI on PC Development Kit ships with a carefully selected suite of pre-installed software including: the newest Windows ML libraries, the cross-platform Intel OpenVINOR toolkit, and all of the necessary supporting tools for end-to-end AI application development on PC

UX450FDA is the first VPU-embedded PC in the world featuring the latest AI software and hardware technologies to put developers at the cutting edge of AI application development, It is considered as AI on PC development kit.




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