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[Read] How do I get an equalizer on my VivoBook S15???

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I've been trying to get an equalizer to work on my headphones connected via the AUX port of my VivoBook S15. I know the ICEPower AudioWizard application, but that only applies the equalizer to my laptop's reverse phone lookupnba reddit  build-in speakers, which is absolutely useless as I won't listen to music through those tiny speakers. No matter what I tried in AudioWizard, I never got it to work on the AUX port. On my desktop I always use the enchantments in the Windows sounds menu for my headphones, but the whole enchantments tab is nowhere to be found on this laptop. So I tried downloading a 3rd party equalizer, but even that one didn't work. Not even on the laptop's speakers.

my issue got solved!!
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