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debopriyobasu IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
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ASUS ZenPower Review-Power to Play-by Debopriyo Basu.

24 May,2015:ASUS did a great job in creating ZenPower.It is a challenging product from the house of the Taiwanese manufacturer,which is aimed at providing users the power to go for a long journey without having to think about the battery.The 10050mAh power bank is officially claimed to charge ZenFone 5 three times and ZenFone 2 and ZenFone 6 respectively for two times.The credit-card sized power bank can easily slide through your pocket,and it can charge your phone anytime,anywhere.ZenPower is not only a great example of an ideal compact battery pack with a huge capacity,it is also an example of hardcore durability,with a metal-wrapped durable body which provides superior insulation and safety to the users.
Now it's time for a full review of ZenPower.Let's quickly check out what the ZenPower can do in real-life situations.

Unboxing and initial impressions

When I received my ZenPower unit,i was shocked to see the size of the box.When I unboxed ZenPower,I was even more surprised to see the size of it.ASUS has really done a commendable job to squeeze a 10050 mAh battery into such a small size.Out of the box,there is the ZenPower,a white charging cable and a ZenPower user manual,which is perhaps wider than our ZenPower.
Taking out the wrapping packet,i felt the cold metal feel of ZenPower,which screams premium and that this is very different to other plastic power banks.
The data cable is very durable and at a glance you can tell it is far better than our phone's stock charging cable.
The user manual describes the features and the usage in 16 languages,including English and Hindi.

top view of ZenPower

top view of ZenPower

On the top,you see a white power button which is used to check how much charge is left in the ZenPower.
The amount of charge left is depicted by the four LED blinkers,each repesenting a quarter of the total charge being left for use.The smaller port is for charging and the bigger one for discharging ZenPower respectively.
At night time,the blinking LED's give a look similar to headlamps of an Audi.
When you press the power button,the LEDs show up for 5 seconds with as many LEDs blinking as the amount of charge is left.
For an easy understanding,
0-25%-1LED blinking.
25%-50%-2 LEDs blinking.
50%-75%-3 LEDs blinking.
75%-100%-4 LEDs blinking.
while charging,the LEDs show up as according to the above table and you could easily understand that ZenPower is 100% charged when all the 4 LEDs show up.
At the bottom of ZenPower,you will get to see the capacity of 10050mAh as in India,and all the standard certifications that ZenPower has received.
The other two sides have a plain design,with the metal body extending gently to the sides,giving a gapless metal unibody feel.
Design and Size Comparison

To explain the size of ZenPower to the users,i decided to make a size comparison.
I put up a credit card,a 3G modem,an Oxford Mini dictionary,my ZenFone 5 and the box of ZenFone 5 to compare with the ZenPower.
I found ZenPower is slightly taller and wider than a credit-card,as tall as a 3G modem and much smaller than a pocket dictionary,my ZenFone 5 and its box.
Notably,the dimensions of ZenPower are 90.5*59*22mm,which is very small as compared to contemporary power banks.
ZenPower is far more thinner than the pocket dictionary,but it is taller and wider than a credit card.
Notably there is no concentric circle design in my unit of ZenPower as the design is exclusive to the black variant.
Sometimes I get confused with what colour my ZenPower is,as it glows golden in exposure to light while it has a bright silver feel to it when at dark conditions.

Charging the ZenPower
ZenPower has to be charged through the charging cable and it is strictly mentioned in the user manual that ZenPower should be charged through the provided cable only.
The smaller port will be connected to the ZenPower and the larger one to our stock charger.
When I got my ZenPower unit,it was nearly 50% charged,with two blinkers blinking.
I plugged it in at 4:24 p.m.and charging was completed by 9:50 p.m.
It was quite a long time,but it is not wise to comment at first charge.It will definitely improve over time.
The continuously glowing blinkers show you how much the ZenPower has been charged.
The above picture shows that 50% charging is completed and the third LED is blinking,that means it is charging to 75%.
But do note that i plugged in the ZenPower near a floor-level plug point because the charging cable is small.
You might need a support to keep the ZenPower at a certain height.But the cable has an elastic effect and it is quite durable and ZenPower could be hung from the charging point as well,but personally I don't feel the cable that reliable to hang a 215g object for nearly 9 hours.
Charging using the ZenPower:Intensive Testing
Time(a.m.)% Charge Total time taken
7:50 40% -
8:03 50% 13 min
8:24 60% 21 min
8:40 70% 16 min
8:57 80% 17 min
9:11 90% 14 min
9:22 100% 11 min
TOTAL TIME:1hr 32 min
I have spent a long time intensively testing the charging time of my ZenFone 5 using ZenPower.My first test from 40% to100% was completed by 1hr 32 min.
On a second test,I switched on airplane mode and charged the phone from 10% to 100% charge and it was completed in 2hr 17 min.
The third test was from 35% to 100% in switched off condition.It was completed by 1hr 16 min.
Testing reveals,ZenPower can charge up the phone from 10% to 20% as fast as 1% per minute.
But it takes a long time to charge from 50% to 60% in my phone and every time,it was above 20 minute.


For the first time when i charged my phone with ZenPower,my phone charged from 8% to 52% and one of the blinkers of ZenPower went off,meaning 25% of charge has been decayed.I charged my phone upto 100%,and it was 75% charge remaining in ZenPower.
I discharged upto 10% and charged up the phone again.Now,when battery reached 42%,ZenPower decayed to 50%.
I charged again upto 100% and then discharged to 35% and then again to 100%.This time no decay-still two blinkers on(50% or less).
Charging again from 26% to 57%,the third blinker went off,meaning 25% charge left in ZenPower.I plugged my ZenPower to charge it up again.
This reveals that ZenPower can charge ZenFone 5 much more than 3 times,and I got nearly 4 charges in my ZenFone 5 and still 25% left.
The official claim of three times is meant for 3 full charges.But if you charge from 35%-40% to full charge,you can get well above 4 charges.

                           Regarding charging time,the ZenPower charges up ZenFone 5 much faster than our stock charger,which takes 3 hours-4 hours to charge ZenFone 5.It will charge up ZenFone 2 even faster and it supports 2.4A output charging.

The ZenPower blinks alternatively after every 5 second while charging my ZenFone 5.It does not require the use of power button to enable charging or to stop it from charging.When the phone is 100% charged,it automatically stops charging the phone-a life saving feature of ZenPower.
Simply unplug ZenPower if you want to stop it from charging your ZenFone.

ZenPower is very safe and it does not heat up,not even a little bit while charging.

Conclusion:How ZenPower changed my style of using the phone


ZenPower brought a radical change in the way I use my phone.I didn't feel the need of quitting Asphalt 8 after an hour of gameplay while I was out for a journey,because I knew ZenPower was with me.I raised the brightness to 100% while watching videos for the same reason.I spent 5 hours reading ebooks in my ZenFone 5 as well.When I needed to charge,simply I put my ZenPower and the small charging cable out of my pocket and plugged it in my phone.
            Similarly,you all can have the courage to use wifi or mobile data for 5 hours and stay connected to your social media friends while you are out.
People working in offices would be brave enough to handle skype video calls and continue their conferencing,without interruption.
Simply speaking,you will not have to request others for a charger while out on a train journey if you forgot yours,because you have the guarantee that ZenPower would charge your phone more than twice at the time of need.

Verdict-Plug n Play
ZenPower is just not a fancy accessory,it is also a neccessity.
It would give users the courage to use their phones for intensive tasks without having to visit the wall charger again and again.
I would like to summarise the pros and cons of ZenPower quickly:

+high battery capacity in a compact size
+highly durable
+premium design
+charges up ZenFone faster than stock charger
+no heating at all while charging or discharging
+light weight
-charging time of ZenPower could be faster
User rating:  4.8/5.0.

Key Specs:cell type:Rechargable Lithium ion cell
input:-DC 5.0V,2.0A
output:-DC 5.1V,2.4A
cell capacity:-3.6V/10050mAh

Special Thanks

I am grateful to ZenTalk India for choosing me as the winner of #WelcometheZenFone2 contest and to gift me this exclusive ASUS ZenPower.
As a return of your sincere gratitude,I reviewed my ZenPower unit to help all those confused about buying a power bank for their phone.
I am always a ZenFan and I am proud of owning an ASUS device for the beautiful hardware and software that you provide to us.
Thanking you.
Debopriyo Basu,
a ZenFan.

Products mentioned in the review
1.ASUS ZenPower

2.ZenFone 5 A501CG



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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Nice review bro but found the charging section little bit clumsy. Please do a 0% to 100% test for contiguous 3 times and update the charging section.
debopriyobasu IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
anirbanmid posted on 2015/5/24 16:49
Nice review bro but found the charging section little bit clumsy. Please do a 0% to 100% test for co ...

I will update the review after performing a 0-100% test.
IND Level 3 | All posts
wow...good stuff dude..keep up the good work
debopriyobasu IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
dutta575 posted on 2015/5/24 17:05
wow...good stuff dude..keep up the good work

Thank you                                   
will charging Zenfone with zenpower give lollipop update? jk xD
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Great review debo , very professional .
debopriyobasu IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
madhhh posted on 2015/5/24 19:32
Great review debo , very professional .

Thanks for appreciating
I tried to be as much close as possible to a professional review.
IND Level 4 | All posts
excellent review debo..real professionalism....amazing
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Very well done. Nice review of the Zen Power .
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