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System: Windows 7
Battery or AC: AC
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No
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Hello everyone,,

so I kinda just wanna empty my chest because I don't think any satisfying answer will come out of reddit since it really is up to Asux.
I'm a relapsing gamer who not so long ago was still running an i7 920 with an asus GTX970 on an asus mobo, back 10 years ago asus was unmatched and despite much water gone under the bridge I thought it was still the case so for my new build I went with ROG Strix X570-F which still didn't get Agesa after a month now, only the Crosshair got it.mobdro lucky patcher kodi
Are they too busy making slides trash-talking Gigabyte ? Because in the meantime most X570 GBT mobos got their AB update, MSI too apparently, leaving the supposedly king of the market on the starting line.
Contacting their customer service was a joke, as if contacting a very low quality brand with no idea what's going on, they managed to confuse my request with someone else's and when I told em they ignored me, all I got ever since was a stupid survey to answer. Then I tried with the french customer service and as far as they know the BIOS is up to date lel... That's the quality of service you can expect for a 300€ motherboard.
This brand doesn't shine as much as it used to and if by any chance you're stumbling on this as part of pre-buying research and want my advice don't buy Asux, if I could still choose I'd go with Gigabyte and I strongly suggest you look up people's experience with asus rma...

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Hello rj073497,
For ROG products,
Please kindly post in ROG forum
for better and deeper discussion
Thank you very much.
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