Cost-effective UP dual-use server board

    ASUS P7F-X server motherboard is the new Foxhollow single-processor platform that supports wide ranges of mainstream technologies and expansion choices, providing cost-effective options for customers.
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      Cost Combat UP Serverboard for Dual Use

      Support Up-to-Date Leading Technologies

      The P7F-X is based on LGA1156 socket and has 8MB Intel® Smart Cache, supporting Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® 3400 series processor, Intel® Core i7-800 series Desktop processor, Intel® Core i5-700 series desktop processor, and next-generation 32nm Dual-Core CPU. It supports DDR3 memory that boosts system performance, reduces power consumption and eliminates bottlenecks with peak bandwidth up to 21 GB/s.

      Dual Use for Server & Workstation

      Built with flexible expansion choices including one PCI-E x16 (Gen2 x16 link with professional VGA supported), one PCI-E x8 (x4 link), one PCI-E x1 (x1 link) and three PCI 32bit/33MHz, the P7F-X is able to work as a serverboard or as a workstation motherboard.

      Furthermore, the P7F-X supports MIO audio card, which will offer great sound quality to complement the robust video power for workstation users—offering enhanced signal-to-noise ratio in a 7.1 surround channel setup to deliver exhilarating surround sound for professional and entertainment usage.

      Cost-effective & Investment Prolongation

      The P7F-X shares the same size chassis, mounting holes, and power supply with ASUS last generation P5 series serverboards, users therefore only need to upgrade their CPU, memory and motherboard for performance upgrade. The ready design for next-generation 32nm Dual-Core CPU also allows pain-less migration to Intel® new platform.