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    The 15.6-inch ASUS VivoBook Pro is a multimedia laptop that is powered by the latest Intel processor, and features gaming-grade graphics.

    • ASUS SonicMaster Premium technology incorporates ICEpower®, Bang & Olufsen technology and professional Wave MaxxAudio® Master tools to enhance sound enjoyment
    • Wide-view panels provide up to 178-degree viewing angles and spectacular image quality
    • Powerful 4th-generation Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce®graphics
    • Durable and stylish metallic finish projects an elegant look and feel
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        Elegant aluminum designs and gorgeous
        wide-view displays

        High-quality materials with premium finishes make N Series laptops both stylish and strong. The ripple-effect speaker mesh projects artistic beauty and echoes sound excellence, showcasing the appealing design and providing better audio.
        Up to Full HD IPS displays with wide viewing angles make sharing of content with friends and family easy, while anti-glare coatings relieve eye strain and reduce fingerprint smudges from multi-touch gestures.

      • Subtle aluminum
        and slim modern look

        Powerful and sporting the finest multimedia systems found on a laptop PC, the N Series are high-end desktop replacement laptops with a compact yet stylish design, making them effortlessly-portable deluxe entertainment centers. The stylish design received a 2012 Red Dot Design Award thanks to gorgeous details such as the illuminated ASUS logo and the ripple-effect speaker mesh, and the finely-finished metal body.

      • IPS panels for living color and wide viewing angles

        N Series laptop use ultra-crisp IPS screens with up to Full HD resolution. They enhance color definition, brightness and contrast, and they resist reflections thanks to a fingerprint-repellent matte coating.  
        As well as outstanding color accuracy and lifelike visuals, N Series panels feature wider viewing angles so you can share screens with family, friends, or colleagues. The 15.6-inch N56 has impressive 178-degree viewing angles, so colors and clarity remain consistent from nearly any direction.

        • See the real world with ASUS Splendid video technology

          Splendid video technology delivers vibrant visuals. It fine-tunes display properties based on the application, adjusting color gamut, color temperature, and color accuracy.
          The result is pristine image quality in movies, photos, and even games. Splendid video has four modes for different scenarios, so you can choose the most suitable preset based on personal preference and viewing environment. Whatever your choice of entertainment, it always looks better on N Series laptops.

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          SonicMaster Premium delivers clear and powerful sound

          ASUS SonicMaster audio technology, incorporating ICEpower®, Bang & Olufsen technology, brings you the best-ever laptop sound. N Series laptops feature optimized audio hardware including a powerful amplifier, 32mm speaker drivers with large resonance chambers, and finely-tuned software — all working in harmony to create full-frequency, lifelike sound. And for deep bass, the bundled external SonicMaster subwoofer pumps out thumping low notes.  For flexible user-controlled and automatic sound tuning, ASUS includes MaxxAudio® sound processing tools and the AudioWizard utility. Sound settings can be chosen from one of the presets or customized to your personal preferences: the N Series makes sure everything sounds better.

        • Best laptop sound with ASUS SonicMaster Premium

          The ASUS Golden Ear team take audio further. SonicMaster Premium incorporates ICEpower®, Bang & Olufsen technology for the most impressive sound on a laptop.
          It combines powerful audio hardware with meticulous software tuning, and featuring a dedicated audio amplifier with a direct 19V power supply for cleaner sound. The speakers use 32mm drivers rather than the standard 18mm drivers in most laptops – a 70% increase. This ensures crisp treble and deep bass, with a full and rich frequency response across the entire audio range. Your audio gets a new feel with the N Series. Vocals are clearer, bass is rich and full, and surround sound feels more realistic.

          • WIDE RANGE
        • External SonicMaster subwoofer bass boost

          The patented SonicMaster subwoofer that comes bundled with N Series laptop generates one octave deeper bass, and at higher volumes, than the low-frequency performance offered by other laptops. Bass playback is intelligently routed through the subwoofer for impact, while medium to high freqencies play via the main speakers, delivering rich audio with clear treble and refined bass.

        • MaxxAudio Master professional audio tuning

          The N Series features sound personalization with MaxxAudio® Master by Waves, recipient of a 2011 Technical GRAMMY Award®. MaxxAudio® Master provides precision tuning. Four-way dynamic control, ten-band EQ with multiple filters, psycho-acoustic low frequency extension, and multi-dimensional spatial enhancement offer a richly personal sound. Whether on headphones or connected to a home theater, N Series audio is a multimedia masterpiece.

        • Multi-mode AudioWizard puts you in control

          Create sound profiles that match your favorite applications. One-click adjustments put you in command of audio, plus you can opt for one of the ready-made presets: Music, Movie, Recording, Gaming, and Speech. AudioWizard with MaxxAudio® Master cover all your listening needs with detailed settings. It's another reason why N Series is a truly capable sound system.

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          Outstanding performance and fast resume times

          Powerful 4th-generation Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors accelerate everything you do and enable seamless multitasking. N Series has discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® high-performance graphics, too, for enjoying rich detail in your favourite movies and games. ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology gives true two-second resume times from sleep mode, two weeks standby time, plus automatic data backup when the battery does eventually run out.

        • Power that matters and the speed you need

          The best entertainment calls for ultra-smooth performance, which is why N Series laptops now have all-new 4th-generation Intel® Core™ processors, including top-of-the-line Core™ i7 and powerful NVIDIA® graphics suitable for hardcore gaming. Multitasking in Windows 8 is super-fast thanks to this premium technology.

        • Instant on with a fantastically long standby time

          Power must be kept under control and at your command. We gave the N Series our renowned 2-second instant on resume thanks to exclusive Super Hybrid Engine II technology. Get back to everything where you left it from sleep mode in just two seconds, and enjoy up to 14-days of standby with auto data backup when the battery drops to 5% charge.

        • USB 3.0 is ten times faster!

          All-USB 3.0 ports mean content transfers up to ten times faster than with USB 2.0. Imagine moving a file the size of a 50GB Blu-ray movie in less than two minutes – goodbye waiting around. USB 3.0 isn't just quicker, it's also more reliable, stable, and higher-powered than USB 2.0. Using ASUS USB Charger+, mobile device batteries can be topped up in far less time than was previously required.

        • Quick access to your favorite applications

          Just one click launches your favorite applications. With a quick and intuitive setup process, you get instant and convenient acccess to applications such as volume controls, instant messaging apps, web browser, or Splendid display presets.

        Instant Key
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          Intuitive fingertip control

          Large touchpads also make navigation easy on N Series laptops, and include exclusive ASUS Smart Gesture technology with full multi-touch support in Windows 8. Stylish keyboards feature variable backlighting, too, illuminating on demand make typing in dark lighting conditions a cinch.

        • We even re-thought the touchpad

          N Series multimedia laptops put you in complete, intuitive control. The large multi-touch touchpads use exclusive ASUS Smart Gesture technology, allowing the full range of Windows 8 motion input right at your fingertips. They also eliminate annoying errors with their clever palm-rejection technology.

        • Robust one-piece illuminated keyboard

          The chiclet keyboard uses sturdy back assembly construction to offer a comfortable typing experiences, with no key float and optimized key travel distance. It's highly ergonomic and stylish, built as a single piece that integrates seamlessly into the N Series chassis. Variable backlighting allows for continued enjoyment in low light environments without disturbing others, and looks great.

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          ASUS WebStorage to store all your files

          Upload all your content to the cloud with ASUS WebStorage, and link to family, friends, and communities. Never run out of space – WebStorage grows when you need more room. Content is accessible from almost any device, so you stay in touch with your stuff wherever you may be. Plus, WebStorage auto syncs to make sure you're always using the most current versions of files, and sharing is super-convenient with links sent via email, SMS, or texting apps. We've made the new N Series very cloud-focused, each laptop comes with 32GB of ASUS WebStorage free for three years – instant room for your precious content at no cost to you.