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    Thinnest 14” notebook with standard voltage IntelR Core? CPUs

    • Ultra-thin 14” form factor at only 19mm
    • 2nd generation Intel® Core™ standard voltage CPU and NVIDIA® GeForce®610M graphics
    • 10-hour battery life thanks to ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II and NVIDIA® Optimus™ technologies
    • Fast performance with up to 256GB SSD and USB 3.0
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      Great portability

      AL-MG Alloy

      U44 notebooks offer an ultra-thin and ultra-light design that’s only 19mm thick and 1.5Kg with a 4-cell battery. Using a slim 0.9cm bezel, they pack more power and features alongside a 14” screen into a compact 13”-sized body, making them easy to carry in any situation. At the same time, the nano-coated alloy body presents superior durability, contributing to effortless carriage and peace of mind.

      More power in a compact design

      Intel standard voltage CPU

      While thin and light, U44 notebooks deliver full 2nd generation Intel® Core™ performance with standard voltage CPU versions that exceed the output of CULV models. This means faster and smoother multimedia and multitasking, while the added strength of new NVIDIA® GeForce® 610M discrete graphics enables better gaming and HD video.

      Extended battery endurance

      Intelligent power optimization in each task extends battery life to 10 hours* for all-day computing

      With advanced ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology managing energy consumption to optimize efficiency and performance for each task, U44 notebooks keep working up to 10 hours without recharging. NVIDIA® Optimus® technology contributes to this, intelligently switching between full power and moderate GPU tasking as needed. All-day computing becomes doable, as users can continue working and enjoying with stopping to look for a power outlet.

      Faster and better

      USB 3.0 technology

      Solid state drive storage makes the new U44’s especially fast and durable in mobile use. SSDs expedite data access well beyond the limits of mechanical drives, and are much more resistant to shocks. Models available with up to 256GB SSDs. All U44 notebooks offer USB 3.0, which works up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. Put together, SSD and USB 3.0 lead to a faster, more rewarding experience with less waiting around for content to move, load, or play.