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    ASUS 14" U46E offers the thinnest panel in ultra-slim and light design

    • Thinnest 14" notebook panel in a compact frame for superior portability
    • Powerful 2nd generation Intel® Core™ standard voltage CPUs drive better multitasking and multimedia
    • Battery life extended to 10 hours* for all-day, on-the-go computing
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      Under an inch thick!

      Under 1 inch thickness enhances mobility

      The ultra-thin and light design fits more technology into a compact form factor that’s easy to carry and use. The slim bezel means a bigger screen can be attached to a more slender chassis, while the spun aluminum finish creates a very unique look. ASUS has also engineered a special hinge-forward design for the new U46E, allowing for a wider opening angle and easier viewing even in the confines of an aircraft seat.

      Power of 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors

      Benefit from faster performance and get more accomplished at once with enhanced multitasking and smoother multimedia, propelled by the latest CPUs from Intel® up to a Core™ i7. These are all standard voltage chips, retaining the full potential of Sandy Bridge architecture for superior output in everything from games to productivity.

      U46 under an inch thick

      Extended battery life

      Intelligent power optimization in each task extends battery life to 10 hours* for all-day computing

      Efficient technology and streamlined energy requirements mean a battery that lasts longer for true all-day computing at up to 10 hours* on a single charge. You can roam free without having to be tied down by the need to recharge at wall sockets. That’s the real spirit of powerful mobile PC technology.
      *May vary by actual usage conditions

      Better device connectivity and charging

      USB 3.0 technology

      The U46E features superfast USB 3.0 for the latest in data transfer standards, working up to ten times faster than USB 2.0. However, for charging of portable devices, a dedicated powered USB 2.0 port with USB Charger+ achieves faster and more energy efficient recharging so your devices connect and work all the time, including when the notebook is powered off.