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    Ultrabook™ with discrete graphics and premium design

    • 13.3” ultrabook powered with Intel 4th generation Core™ processors and NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics
    • Full HD wide-view anti-glare panel
    • Stylish backlit keyboard
    • Up to 1TB hard drive or 128GB SSD to accelerate performance
    • SonicMaster technology co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® increases audio performance with lifelike surround impact
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    • Incredible


      Meet Zenbook — the perfectly balanced Ultrabook™

      Creating the perfect Ultrabook™ means striking a perfect balance between form and function. Zenbook is carved from a single block of aluminum for a seamless design that's not only beautiful, but durable, too. It's also impossibly thin and extremely light for maximum portability. Lift the lid and inside is a vibrant 13.3-inch Full HD display that brings images to life and makes everything from browsing the web to working with documents an absolute pleasure. Zenbook is the Ultrabook™ you'll want with you, wherever you go.

    • Slim, strong and incredibly stylish

      Making an Ultrabook™ as beautiful as Zenbook means doing a few things differently, beginning with its design. Some notebooks are simply reinforced with metal, but Zenbook is made from it. We take a single block of aluminum and put it through a sophisticated milling process to create a durable and seamless design with a beautifully patterned finish formed from fine concentric circles. In addition to its gorgeous appearance, Zenbook slips easily in a bag or briefcase and, with a weight of just 1.45kg, you won't be weighed down when you're on the move.

    • Stay sharp with a Full HD display

      We see the world in high-definition, so why use anything less on your Ultrabook™ Zenbook packs the same 1920 x 1080 pixels into its 13.3-inch display as a big-screen HDTV, so everything looks wonderfully sharp and incredibly detailed. That means you can watch YouTube videos and movies in all their Full HD glory, read web pages with text so crisp it could be printed on a page and see more of the photo you're retouching or the document you're editing.

    • Video calls in crystal clarity

      Zenbook UX32LN is the ideal travelling companion, in more ways than one. The built-in 720p HD camera with 30fps video recording means you can keep in touch with family and friends via crystal-clear video calls, and the high-sensitivity image sensor gives great image quality, even in less than perfect light.

    • Accessorize in style

      Zenbook UX32LN is complemented by a set of accessories designed to make the most of its ultra-portable design and ultra-powerful performance. A stylish and hardwearing slipcase helps keep Zenbook UX32LN safe when you're on the move, while the multi-voltage power adapter is small enough to slip into a coat pocket. Also included is a USB Ethernet adapter for convenient backup when Wi-Fi isn't available, while Mini DisplayPort and Micro-HDMI ports means you can connect a desktop display with the minimum of fuss.

    • Incredible


      Tough and Touchable Aluminum
      Light yet at the heart of great looks and reinforced product strength

      There are several advantages to the finely crafted aluminum used in ASUS ZENBOOK™ construction. In addition to its gorgeous appearance, aluminum offers a lighter Ultrabook™ that's easier to carry, while retaining strength and durability. To accomplish a sleek and smooth metallic look, ASUS developed new mounting methods that reduce screw usage by 12%, taking inspiration from hand-crafted luxury wrist watches.

    • Windows 8.1 input made easy

      Zenbook UX32LN has as a multi-touch touchpad, so you can use Windows 8.1 gestures without lifting your hands from the keyboard for even greater productivity. The touchpad has the same 16:9 aspect ratio as the display for more precise pointer control and we've made it larger than most to leave plenty of room to use Windows 8.1 gestures. Even the buttons are built into the touchpad surface to give as much space as possible for your fingers to be comfortable.
      ASUS Smart Gesture Technology lets you pinch zoom in/out, scroll, and tap as it sets a new standard in Windows 8.1 touch input.

    • Backlit for a better typing experience

      A keyboard is still the best way to get things done for most people, so we made sure Zenbook UX32LN has the best available. Each key is expertly tuned to require just the right amount of force to press and have just the right amount of travel, so it's both quiet and comfortable for two-finger and touch typists alike. And since an Ultrabook™ is designed to be used anywhere, we made the keyboard that way, too. Its backlight adjusts automatically to suit the level of ambient lighting, so you'll always be able to see the keys, even in complete darkness.

    • The Desktop reinvented

      With a fresh new look and a Start screen that puts your most important apps right beneath your fingertips, Windows 8.1 is all about you. See at-a-glance updates from family and friends with Live Tiles for your favorite social media services, and switch between apps simply by swiping across the screen or touchpad. New multitasking features make it easy to do two things at once, too. Just snap two apps side-by-side and you can browse web while watching a video, or chat with a colleague while editing a document. Windows 8.1 means you spend less time searching and more time doing.
      Windows 8.1 has new ways for you to personalize your PC, and includes a wave of awesome new apps and services. Work the way you're used to, and do more at once with more apps. Bing smart search gives you results from your PC, your apps, and the web. Results are in a clean, graphic view, so you can go where you want right from the search results. Open the Windows Store right from your Start screen to browse and download apps for cooking, photos, sports, news, and more.

    • Incredible


      All the power you need, and then some

      Zenbook UX32LN is a high-performance Ultrabook™ in every sense. Its 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor makes light work of the most demanding tasks , and keeps you entertained with your favorite games and HD video, even when you're on the move. Solid-state storage means applications launch in double-quick time and, together with Super Hybrid Engine II technology, boosts battery life and standby time to stretch out the time between recharges. Three USB 3.0 ports support the latest high-speed storage and can recharge mobile devices in double-quick time, while sophisticated thermal management means Zenbook never loses its cool.

    • Do more when you're on the move

      Zenbook UX32LN is powered by 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors for seamless multi-tasking performance and outstanding energy efficiency. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology gives a burst of extra speed up to 3GHz when you really need it, while NVIDIA® GeForce GT 840M graphics gives great image quality with the latest games. Up to 1TB hard drive plus optional 128GB SSD caches work in a hybrid design alongside big capacity hard drives, accelerating operating system performance for near-instant access that's always rewarding to use.

    • Always ready when you are

      No one should have to wait when they want to get something done, which is why Zenbook UX32LN wakes from standby in just two seconds. Exclusive Super Hybrid Engine II technology gives up to two weeks' standby time too, and automatically saves all open applications and data to the solid-state drive when the battery drops below 5% charge. So you don't have to worry about always leaving Zenbook UX32LN plugged into a power socket just because you're not using it.

    • Work all day on a single charge

      Energy-efficient components like the Intel® Core™ processor and solid-state drive help Zenbook UX32LN last for up to 8 hours on battery power, so you can get a full day's work done before you need to recharge. Exclusive Super Hybrid Engine II technology can also boost battery life by up to 25% for less demanding tasks like web browsing and watching video, so you can last even longer between trips to the power socket.

    • USB 3.0, the next-generation connection for faster data transfers

      USB 3.0 is ten times faster than USB 2.0 and with two ports at your disposal, you can save photos, transfer MP3s and open multi-gigabyte video files in a fraction of the time with compatible storage. USB 3.0 has more power for mobile devices, too. Smartphones and tablets recharge in half the time compared to USB 2.0, even when Zenbook UX32LN is switched off. USB Charger+ technology lets you charge your devices on-the-go.

    • Designed to never lose its cool

      An Ultrabook™ as sophisticated as Zenbook UX32LN needs a cooling system to match, so we designed our own. Inside the case is a custom heat sink made from beryllium copper alloy, which conducts heat away from hot components much more effectively than ordinary copper. Rather than spoil the sleek lines of Zenbook UX32LN with unsightly grilles, warm air then is channeled through a vent below the screen hinge, well away from any part of your body that touches the case. The result is an Ultrabook™ that's much cooler than the competition — in more ways than one.

    • Incredible


      SonicMaster, because we're serious about sound

      Creating an Ultrabook™ that looks as incredible as Zenbook UX32LN is one thing, but making one that sounds as incredible is something else. The key to our success is our unique SonicMaster technology and a team of audio engineers who expertly balance high-quality audio hardware and professional-grade audio software to ensure the best possible sound quality. We think all the hard work is worth it, and when you hear the wide dynamic range with rich bass and sharp treble that Zenbook UX32LN delivers, we know you will, too.


      Developed by the ASUS Golden Ear team, SonicMaster combines larger speakers and resonance chambers and precision-tuned software to deliver rich, detailed sound to accompany your movies, music, or games for home-theater levels of entertainment.

      • WIDE RANGE
    • Breaking new barriers for sound
      Hi-Fi to die for

      The best sound comes from big speakers, but with something as thin as Zenbook UX32LN, that presented us with a serious challenge. We overcame it by exploiting the great acoustics of the rigid aluminum case with custom-designed speaker chambers and a pair of powerful speakers that combine to create a sound that's richer and more resonant than you'd think possible. Music, movies and games sound so good on Zenbook UX32LN, you won't believe your ears.

    • Sound you'll love to listen to

      Zenbook UX32LN takes audio to the next level with MaxxAudio 3 from Waves, recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award®. Based on the same audio processing technology heard on hit records, major movies and popular video games, MaxxAudio 3 delivers clearer dialog, more detailed bass and state-of-the-art volume leveling for a listening experience you'll just want to sit back and enjoy.

    • Micro phone

       The array mic gives you high-quality audio for video chats and conferences. Noise suppression filters out ambient noise while acoustic echo-cancelling reduces feedback and echoes 
       Beam-Forming focuses the recording area to a 60-degree cone so only your voice is picked up.

    • Incredible


      Store, share, and sync

      ASUS cloud services provide the most complete platform for online living that's accessible anywhere from a host of devices. With ASUS WebStorage, convenience is the main priority, offering you easy storage, sharing, and syncing of everything from business presentations to photo albums and favorite multimedia content. Each ASUS Zenbook comes with 32GB of WebStorage space free for the three years, and offers you the MyBitCast app so you can easily sync your content to multiple devices and accounts simultaneously

    • Sync and share the easy way

      ASUS WebStorage means your personal stuff is always with you on any internet-connected device — Ultrabook™ or desktop, smartphone or tablet. Keep files in sync automatically, share photos and video online with family and friends, and save valuable onboard storage space by streaming music and movies wirelessly. Zenbook UX32LN comes with 32GB of free lifetime WebStorage and you can add more at any time.

    • • Remember everything with live memos

      The intuitive MyBitCast app seamlessly synchronizes messages to devices via WebStorage instantly. Every thought and idea can be saved and shared easily, then accessed anywhere. Using MyBitCast on mobile devices allows you to take notes, snap photos, and record messages to the cloud.

    • Keeping you connected

      Zenbook UX32LN has everything you need to stay connected to the wider world with the latest wireless technology. Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi gives complete mobile flexibility, with full support for both older 2.4GHz and newer 5GHz wireless networks with super-fast performance free from interference. Zenbook UX32LN also has the brand new Bluetooth 4.0 for use with the latest ultra-low power wireless devices, so you can connect to compatible smartphones and tablets without ever having to worry about battery life.