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Jan 2 – Feb 12, 2015


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A Full PC with customized TUF case mod - Tiger Soul

Modder : Jesse Palacio A.K.A JPModified

Design story :

The case mod ‘Tiger Soul’, by Jessie Palacio, is inspired by the design concept of Sabertooth Z97 Mark S. The case front represents a tigers mouth wide open; related to the model name ‘Sabertooth’. Jesse used a white theme for the whole case mod, leveraging the Thermal Armor’s arctic-camouflage pattern around the power supply to further reflect the Sabertooth Z97 Mark S as ASUS’ first motherboard with white PCB, Thermal Armor and Fortifer.

All of Jesse’s mods are hand-made using basic tools, rather than CNC or other advanced machinery. He enjoys working free-hand as he feels it represents his passion and commitment to the art of PC Modding. For Jesse, it is of great importance to inspire others who feel they cannot mod because they do not have access to specialized tools.

Spec :

CPU : Intel 4690

Motherboard : ASUS TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S


SSD : Intel 730 240GB-

PSU : Cooler Master V850

Chassis : Cooler Master Cosmos SE

Memory : 16 GB Avexir Core Elite White LED

Cooler : Modified Cooler Master Nepton 280L