PL-E52P/PL-E52P DUO

    600 Mbps Gigabit powerline adapter

    • Multi-room, multi-floor coverage using existing power lines without disruption
    • Add 600Mbps networking easily, anywhere in the home
    • No setup required - simply plug in and connect devices
    • QoS utility for lag-free online gaming and media streaming
    • Power-saving Smart Standby feature
    • AC pass-through design means power outlet can still be used
    • Built-in noise filter for smooth HD video streaming
    • Status LEDs can be turned on or off
    • AES 128-bit encryption for protected connections
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    No-fuss networking

    The ASUS PL-E52P/PL-E52P DUO is the easy and simple way to extend a wired home network to any room in the home or office, using existing electrical wiring. This compact and stylish powerline adapter expands a wired network without physical clutter, and avoids the problems of poor wireless signals. It incorporates a fast Gigabit Ethernet port that’s perfect for connecting any wired network device, such as laptops, games consoles or smart TVs. Our smart engineering ensures that you don’t lose the use of a power outlet, and built-in noise filtering ensures consistent, reliable connections.

    No-fuss networking

    Simple and secure setup

    Extra-convenient pairing button makes powerline networking setup supremely easy. With one press, the adapters automatically join the encrypted powerline network. Strong 128-bit AES authentication prevents unauthorized devices from connecting.

    600Mbit/s connections and Gigabit networking

    While streamlined and convenient, the PL-E52P/PL-E52P DUO have full networking capabilities. Your electrical wiring is turned into an ultra-fast 600 Mbit/s network, while the Gigabit LAN port can be used to connect your PC, laptop, games console, smart TV or any other wired network device.

    Courtesy power outlet with built-in noise filter

    The PL-E52P/PL-E52P DUO uses smart extra outlet engineering, so while it connects to the wall to provide networking via existing electrical wires, it keeps power plugs free, meaning you can still use them to power other devices. For great connection quality, an integrated line noise filter has been added, ensuring consistent online performance.

    QoS for smooth, reliable streaming

    Built-in QoS (Quality of Service) features helps to ensures smooth, uninterrupted HD video streaming, internet telephony or online gaming.

    Power-saving smart standby mode

    The PL-E52P/PL-E52P DUO has a smart standby mode that detects whether connected devices have been switched off or are inactive, giving power savings of up to 80%. If that happens, the PL-E52P's power consumption drops to near zero, unlike traditional adapters that stay fully powered on at all times. This helps you save money on power bills, and is environment-friendly.

    Status LEDs can be turned on or off

    Status LEDS can be turned on or off using the supplied utility.

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